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Baldur's Gate Fanart Challenge #4: 16 Bit Sprites

LadyEibhilinRhettLadyEibhilinRhett Member Posts: 1,078
edited December 2012 in Fan Creations
Okay everyone, it may be up a couple days late, but it is now time for the 4th Baldur's Gate Fanart Challenge! This time, the theme is 16 Bit Sprites! What would BG have looked like if it'd come out in the 16 bit era? So it's time to try your hand at spriting skills and makes us some lovely sprites of the BG characters, monsters, or even items! (or even some nice pixelly maps of areas if you're feeling ambitious) Now, this challenge has special rules. As you know, usually every medium of art is accepted, however this time, the only acceptable submissions are pixelly and 16 bit. Yeahhhh! ...I'm also perfectly willing to accept 8 bit sprites. The only other rules is that it's gotta be BG-related and it's gotta be your own work! So, get spriting!
This challenge will run until Saturday, December 29th unless something comes up. 'Kay?

And of course, remember to submit your suggestions for future challenges over at the suggestion thread, linked below.

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