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ChowChow Member Posts: 1,192
edited December 2012 in Off-Topic
There are two options to vote. The goal is to keep them as close to equal, each with 50% of the votes, as possible. But of course you can't see how many have voted for each before you cast your vote too.


Edit: And if there are any answers, don't look at those before you vote, because then you see what the others did and that's a spoiler.

50/50 201 votes

First half
lordkimBalquolansounetHeroicSpurTingelMERLANCEMontresor_SPsmeagolheartShYarivMartySilverbladeSpjuv3rnElectricMonkmch202sarevok57mlnevesescriverelminsterMathuzzzCorvinoLemernis 102 votes
Second half
CorianderDeeAntonBelgarathMTHDrugarLindeblomSethDavisAlexDeLargePeccathomasnazFrozenCellsCalawenFlashburnelementSon_of_ImoendvdbangsrudSchneidendgsalernoMoomintrollUlfgar_Torunn 99 votes


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