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[Known 1454] The Twins and the Boogeyman

ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
edited September 2014 in BG:EE Bugs (v1.3)
1. Start a new game with the Abdel pregen
2. C: CreateItem("Godbow")
3. Open Inventory and equip the godbow
4. C: MoveToArea("AR0162")
5. Speak to Laerta
6. Speak to Gervisse
7. Speak to Voltine
8. Attack Gervisse with the godbow
9. Speak to Laerta

Laerta does not acknowledge that Gervisse is dead. The quest is not completed and the journal is not updated.

Laerta should acknowledge that Gervisse is dead. The quest should be completed and the journal should be updated.
In one of the houses in Baldur's Gate North West section a pair of twins are scared by a boogeyman that turns out to be either a druid named Voltine or a mage named Gervisse (they blame each other).

Current behaviour:
After you get rid of the boogeyman by killing Gervisse or Voltine or both, Laerta doesn't give you any reward.
In particular if you kill Gervisse (the actual villain), Voltine will give you a wand as reward, but still Laerta will not give any reward.

Expected behaviour:
After you dispose of Gervisse or Voltine or both, Laerta should give you as reward a scroll of Protection from Evil and 1000 xp

I never had any problem with this quest before in vanilla or tutu bg.

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