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Forum Search Workaround

LemernisLemernis Member, Moderator Posts: 4,302
edited March 2018 in Site Resources
Update: as the domain of this site changed from to, to search in Google you need something like:

kensai builds
neverwinter nights graphics

As we know, our forum lacks an advanced search function. For this we apologize. But fortunately there's a strong workaround that's easy. You can use a Google search that yields excellent results. Here's how:, ___ (term)

For example, to search the BG:EE forums for just the word: katana, katana

yields the following result: see here.

For a specific phrase, enclose the terms in quotes, "___" (phrase)

For example, the results for the phrase "specialist mage", "specialist mage" (phrase)

yields this result.

Using Google's advanced search you can also refine the search for the name of forum member plus a word or phrase., username+"___" (phrase)

For example, let's say I want to search for all posts, comments, or edits that I have made including the phrase "specialist mage" I would do it thusly, Lemernis+"specialist mage"

to yield this result.

And what is pretty cool here is that if you click on the ">>" to the right of each result, it tabs out and highlights exactly where it is on the forum page. Click that and it takes you right to the page of the thread it's on.

For easy access you can bookmark any such search in your browser and then just open it and tailor it as shown above to customize the search terms.

Hope this helps!

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