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Recruiting Modders: DSotSC Upgrade Project. Help Wanted (Area Artist, Dialog Coders, Etc. PLEASE)!

CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
edited October 2013 in General Modding
Some of you may have seen that COM_Solaufein is working on getting DSOTSC (Dark Side of the Sword Coast) ready for use with BG:EE. I have been working with COM_Solaufein to make some changes to my mod. I want to make some story changes, quest changes, area changes and address some balancing issues. As well as add, a couple of new NPCs, flesh out the story, add banter and even romances. The plan is to allow for a part DSotSCII: Dark Shadows, for BG2:EE. DSotSCII: Dark Shadows was originally planned, back in the day...but never got past planning stages. I still have my old notes! :)

I do not have the time to learn the new tools...things have changed a lot in 13 years since we first released the first unofficial mod for BG. So I am recruiting the following:

- Spellbinders (need to have experience in making spells and abilities)

- Item Makers

- Kit Makers

- Creature creators

- Area Editors

- Scripting

If you have experience in these areas, contact me. We need you.

I have also been talking to the folks at Beamdog and they are excited about this project and will be looking for better ways to work with the modding community.

Here's your chance to give some input on the upgrade to the original... and get in on part II as well!

View the new Portraits for all of the DSotSC NPC's here!

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