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Recruiting Modders: DSotSC Upgrade Project. Help Wanted (Area Artist, Dialog Coders, Etc. PLEASE)!

CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
edited October 2013 in General Modding
Some of you may have seen that COM_Solaufein is working on getting DSOTSC (Dark Side of the Sword Coast) ready for use with BG:EE. I have been working with COM_Solaufein to make some changes to my mod. I want to make some story changes, quest changes, area changes and address some balancing issues. As well as add, a couple of new NPCs, flesh out the story, add banter and even romances. The plan is to allow for a part DSotSCII: Dark Shadows, for BG2:EE. DSotSCII: Dark Shadows was originally planned, back in the day...but never got past planning stages. I still have my old notes! :)

I do not have the time to learn the new tools...things have changed a lot in 13 years since we first released the first unofficial mod for BG. So I am recruiting the following:

- Spellbinders (need to have experience in making spells and abilities)

- Item Makers

- Kit Makers

- Creature creators

- Area Editors

- Scripting

If you have experience in these areas, contact me. We need you.

I have also been talking to the folks at Beamdog and they are excited about this project and will be looking for better ways to work with the modding community.

Here's your chance to give some input on the upgrade to the original... and get in on part II as well!

View the new Portraits for all of the DSotSC NPC's here!
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  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    This could also lead to a DSotSc part 2 project for BG2:EE that I had originally planned 13 years ago for BG2 but was not able to get started because of other obligations.
  • MilochMiloch Member Posts: 863
    I was involved with upgrading the original code to work with Tutu, so that could conceivably cover BGEE, but will take some time. I'll have to see where that code is at on my other computer, which I finally have access to now as it was in storage for several months.
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    That would be great. Mainly what I am looking for are modders to create new content, items, spells, kits, etc.

    But anything you may have that is helpful would be appreciated. :)
  • CorsymyrCorsymyr Member Posts: 146
    I am a rank amatuer at best, but I have time to help with some simple stuff if you need it.
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    What kind of help can you offer. Items, spells, kits?
  • CorsymyrCorsymyr Member Posts: 146
    I have made several items, and several kits, so I would be comfortable with those.
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    Ok. Thanks!
  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,607
    If you are not already, register at our forums so you can be granted access to the workroom.

    I have things coded for the most part. The difficult part I've encountered is making the spells work in the game, weeding out duplicate spells that the mod and BGEE has (There are BG2 ToB spells abilities in thankfully.) And the good old spell.ids, yes I am really starting to dislike that file.

    Other original content has been changed to EE standards from items, world map appending to creature files and others.
  • RequiemRequiem Member Posts: 187
    I would be happy to donate any or all of the kits i've made from my kitpack to be used this mod if you are interested? I don't know if your intention is to have completely unique and never-seen-before kits for your mod, but either way just let me know.
  • Sam_Sam_ Member Posts: 171
    I'd be up for pitching in, as time allows. In particular I'd like to see Drizzt's Companions restored.
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    Can both of you send me a PM? Thanks.
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    We are still in need of folks to help out...

    Could use some area editors and script writers!
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    edited January 2013
    I have amended the original post to reflect changes that we will be making!

    Thanks @mlnevese for sticking this up as an announcement for us! :)
  • ForgottenMythForgottenMyth Member Posts: 60
    i would be interested in making some items. i used to make my own custom items for BG 2
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    Thanks @ForgottenMyth I PM'd you.

    Everyone else, we Still need some help if interested. One thing I don't have yet is someone to edit creatures, and we could still use scripters and others to help out.
  • TivaanTivaan Member Posts: 15
    DSotSC was the first mod I ever used and I replayed BG for the 3rd time just for that mod. Now I started BGEE without DSotSC and guess what, Im now stopping and patiently waiting for the new updated DSotSC. I truly commend all of the people that do modding and would like to say thanx many times over.
  • DarkersunDarkersun Member Posts: 398
    Same goes for me, thanks for all the nice work you do. Keep up the good stuff :)
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    We could use more help if anyone would like to pitch in... lot's to do!
  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    Meanwhile, in my mind:

  • markboydmarkboyd Member Posts: 9
    Dunno if y'all are doing this for free, but if you're not, I'm willing to pay! Wish I could help. Please make all my Baldur's Gate dreams come true. If people just kept modding and expanding it I could play it for the rest of my life. Who needs Skyrim? Honestly.
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    We are all volunteers and yes we are doing this for free. Just because we love the game.
  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    I've been a player since the get-go, but am trying to find some resources for modding. I suspect scripting will be where I eventually excel as I am a computer technician who scripts windows and Linux regularly...

    If my competence ever reaches something reasonable, I'd be happy to volunteer my skills. First step first though.
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    Really could use some help with areas now.
  • mars0124mars0124 Member Posts: 180
    @CuChoinneach - What are the odds that I could learn on the go? I just picked up Dialogs this aft and have been figuring them out. As I said previously, I'm a computer technician by trade, so I'm a fast learner.

    If I can't manage, I'll let you know.

  • CuvCuv Member, Developer Posts: 2,535
    @CuChoinneach What specific help do you need with areas? Send me a PM:)
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    Will do! :)
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    Needing help now with dialog, interactions and romances. Anyone want to help out... let me know.

    We are getting closer. All the Major NPCs have been worked on, have a couple of modders working on new areas and I'm currently working on fleshing out storyline.
  • VaxalonVaxalon Member Posts: 25
    can i ask a daft question? ive looked into this mod way back, without exactly trying it.
    How would you define this mod? New Npcs and dialogue? Extra areas ? quests?
  • CuChoinneachCuChoinneach Member Posts: 105
    The original release consisted of the following:

    This is an unofficial expansion aimed at a 9-12th level party.
    5 major quests
    More powerful monsters than anything yet experienced.
    Over 30 new areas.
    100 new spells.
    Over 70 new critters.
    80 new weapons, armor and other items.
    9 New NPCs to join your group.
    Enhanced Original BG Quests and Encounters.
    Experience cap raised to 20 million.
    Level 40 rules pack is included (instead of the level 20 rules that come with BG/TotSC). (This is now optional.)

    With the Expanded Edition we are adding 1-3 new major quests, 4 additional NPCs (for a total of 13), banters, dialog, romances, etc.
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