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Drizzt killed SOLO in 10 seconds (no hacks, mods, summons, cheats or cheese)

satyrionsatyrion Member Posts: 104
edited February 2013 in Off-Topic
- Multiclass: Fighter/Mage 7/7

- Equiped: Knave's Robe (protects against Drizzt's scimitars), Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise, Helm of Balduran, Golden Girdle, Ring of Protection +2, Large Shield +2, Cloak of Balduran, Staff Mace (+2 to attack rolls against chainmail, which Drizzt wears)

- Memorized spells: Protection from Evil (stackable), Blur, Mirror Image, Haste, Improved Invisibility (+4 to attack rolls)

- Potions: Potion of Defense, Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, Potion of Mind Focusing (as many as needed), Potion of Power

- Character: AC -26 (maybe more if PfE has been stacked), THAC0 0 (minimum reachable, but attack rolls get +6 so it makes THAC0 -6 actually), HP (useless Drizzt won't be able to touch, and even if he does Mirror Image, pawned)

- Drizzt: AC -15, THAC0 -9, HP ~100

Are Fighter/Mages too OP?

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