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How to format your posts

ScottBrooksScottBrooks Member Posts: 687
edited June 2012 in Site Resources
Some people are wondering how to format your posts, here is a quick guide to post formatting. If you know html, just use that since that's all this is.


Bold is achieved by putting the text you want to be bold inside of <b></b> ex: <b>Make me bold!</b>

Italics is achieved by putting the text you want to be italic inside of <i></i> ex: <i>Make me italics!</i>

Underline is achieved by putting the text you want to be italic inside of <u></u> ex: <u>Make me underlined!</u>

There are also a bunch of others you can use.
pre is very handy for when you want to paste something where you want to preserve the formatting.

Friendly arm inn
Candle Keep --|
Linking to other pages is a bit more complex, but not really.
A link to Baldur's Gate is achieved by <a href="The full link to the website">The text that shows up in the link</a>

Embedding a picture is similar
<img src="full link to your image">

Now since we can't have things 100% consistent, use square brackets for spoilers
[spoiler]Hidden text[/spoiler]

As with anything, with great power comes great responsibility. Abuse it and lose it.

You can even get really tricky with hidden text that you have to select the text to read

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