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Candlekeep Library Readers' Choice: Fanart Contest, Round III

Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
edited March 2013 in Fan Creations
This poll is for Round III of the Fanart Contest, Ust Natha Portraits. Below are the three finalists as picked by the readers. Please pick your favourite entry. You may not vote for your own entries.

Things to remember when voting: artistic excellence, creativity, how well the portrait fits the character, and overall implementation of the theme.

Think them over carefully—you only get one vote—and then make your choice below.

Candlekeep Library Readers' Choice: Fanart Contest, Round III 61 votes

Jan Jansen by Isandir
ScooterDrugarGraoumfKamigoroshiSophiaRadhamanthysRhymeOneAngryMushroomNonnahswriterKatermeisterzupskyFoggyzenblackFeraxis 14 votes
Imoen by Syntia13
CuvSpaceInvaderlelag200SiinfulIvanhoeLockFredjotypo_tillyCahirPGoeransecretmantra 11 votes
Haer'Dalis by LavaDelVortel
trinitmlneveseartastropheelminsterviaderHesperosajwzSyntia13XavioriarevaarSmiling_ImpcallimachusStrayedMonkeyCorsymyrKidCarnivalKwiat_WSylphkulyokgenieCrevsDaak 24 votes
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BalquoAndreaColomboLavaDelVorteldvdbangsrudMoomintrollJalilyTroodon80XivirielErgMemmIsandirIceArms 12 votes


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