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[Mod] Curses! (Item Revisions) + help needed for launcher!

mjsmjs Member Posts: 742
edited May 2013 in General Modding
I've made item revisions to some of the cursed items in the game (more below), but currently it's just a case of downloading and overwriting the original files in the override folder. Is there any point in having this instal through a launcher and how would i do that? does it need weidu coding experience? what programs would i use?


Below you'll see where this has come from. Copy the files into override and copy over the current files. I've never tried item modding before so it might not work...

There may be something similar already out there. Everyone knows all the cursed items, where they are etc without even having to identify them. most of the time they're simply identified and sold for cash or left where they are (although one is a plot item)

what i'd like is for there to be a use, if you want to pay the price of the curse. a bit like the new strength girdle, though i do think the curse on that is pointless.

this is an idea of what i had in mind

girdle of masculinity/femininity: currently changes sex of wearer. add charisma modifier (set to 18)
so it changes your gender, but makes you sexy!

ring of folly: currently sets wisdom and intelligence to 3. add immunity to fear.
this is like ignorance is bliss, the wearer becomes too stupid to react to fear

ring of clumsiness: currently -50% Dex, -50% Stealth, 75% chance of spell failure. add luck.
clumsy but lucky

and so and so forth. would other people be interested in this? i think it would add a large group of items fairly easily (not a modder though, so what do i know) and add make things interesting in regards to the cursed weapons

i've been modding my own game successfully, can i make the above revisions myself using something like shadow keeper (which i've never used)?

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  • revaarrevaar Member Posts: 160
    +1 to this idea. Giving items desirable attributes with draw backs is a great concept, and forces you to make some hard decisions as a player.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,400
    Actually these are neat ideas. They should be pretty easy to code too, a skilled modder can edit those items in minutes I am sure.

  • mjsmjs Member Posts: 742
    edited May 2013
    So I've managed to do this, here's a file of the items i've edited. hopefully this will work if you simply copy the files into your override folder. Here's what i've edited

    Girdle of Masculinity/Feminity
    Jester's folly
    Elander's gloves of fumbling
    Iron thorn ring

    everything else is fairly balanced, except for the bracers of binding which i just left as they were. I'll list the changes in the next post under a spoiler tag.

  • mjsmjs Member Posts: 742
    edited May 2013

    Girdle of m/f: added Charisma set to 18
    Jester's folly: added saves vs all +5 bonus
    Discipliner: added protection from fear
    Elander: added every hit is full damage, thac0 -15 (was -10), dex -3 (was -2)
    Iron thorn: added free movement, further reduction of movement speed
    Ossifier: added 5% chance of flesh to stone on hit, no save

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  • MajocaMajoca Member Posts: 263
    for OP, thing is, some of the benefits are too small to even consider wearing any of the curses, the benefits should match the punishment, immunity fear and charm/domination for ring of folly too stupid to be manipulated.

    Barges two handed sword should critical hit if you roll 18-20 making = uncontrollable gib fest :P

    Iron thorn ring should make you immune to undead.

    ring of clumsiness adds a massive bonus against ranged due to stumbling unpredictability or perhaps immune to none magical arrows.

  • mjsmjs Member Posts: 742
    i think some of the benefits are already a little overpowered. berserker is a powerful state to call up on will, even if you can't control the wielder, so I think that's perfectly balanced. more justification under spoiler

    having +5 bonus to ALL your saving throws on the jester's folly/ring of clumsiness makes it the single best saves item in the trilogy (better than human skin, claw of kazgorath etc) and the immunity to undead is just too OP for me. With its current changes it makes it the wearer the perfect zombie: slow (movement rate reduction), ugly (charisma -4), but implacable and unstoppable (free action)

    the discipliner offers protection from fear fairly earlier in the game and again there aren't many items that do that

  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,680
    Make the cursed items worth of use despise their penalities, that way the player will have to weight the pros and againsts of the item.

    Pretty much as The Claw of Kazgaroth does.

  • EllekEllek Member Posts: 4
    Discipliner: sets wisdom and intelligence to 3, but the pary member wearing him, wont ever leave the party (no matter the reputation). He has been disciplined.

  • WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 920
    What about.. One could 'upgrade' cursed items to have beneficial 'side effects' using the same 'weird threads' of magic along side the original cursed attributes?

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