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[BG:EE]Dark Horizons Released



  • SarnindSarnind Member Posts: 255
    I not undestand why this mod doesn t work in others language

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
    I disabled the language options because the translators haven't updated the changes to the text not to mention the EE version of the mod is not the final version. The next release will most likely be the final version and I wouldn't want to waste the translators time at the current version because there will be changed and added text for the next version.

  • SarnindSarnind Member Posts: 255
    this mod is pretty but the items are too op. It s a pity that I can t play for this problem. It would be great to have a version with ''normal'' items .

  • DragonRiderDragonRider Member Posts: 43
    edited November 2013

    Haven't much time for games lately, but am still really enjoying this mod. I figured I'd wait on downloading the new patch until I play through everything just in case there are any conflicts with the new patch.

    I found some more potential Item discrepancies:

    The Enlightenment Star - Description says it does an additional 2D3 Cold damage. What it actually does in my game is 7-16 points of Cold damage. Additionally, flails Morning Stars in BG:EE do 2D4 base damage. This flail Morning Star does 1D8 base damage.
    Edit: I meant Morning Star, not Flail.

    Elemental Staff of Fire - Description says it does an additional 3D4+1 fire damage. What it actually does in my game is 4-7 (3d2+1 maybe?) points of Fire damage. This next part may be working as intended, but I just wanted to throw that out there in case you intended something different. The item description does not specify the amount of damage the staff's Bolt of Fire ability does. In my game it does 2d4 Fire damage (1d4 if a save is made).

    Poison Ivy +2 - Description says that it uses the Club proficiency, but in my game, it is considered a Mace (uses Mace proficiency).

    Stormcloud - This armor does not seem to have the magical attribute/flag added to it. A Ring/Cloak/Amulet of Protection can be worn with it. The armor can only be worn by Druids and Fighter/Druids, but the description lists nearly every kit and mage specialization as being able to wear it. In addition to the +3 bonus to saves that the description mentions, it grants an additional +7 bonus (for a total of +10) to saves vs. Petrification/Polymorph. The armor also provides a 25% Magic Resistance that is not mentioned in the description. Description says it provides AC 0. In my game it provides AC 1(Base AC 3 and has an additional effect that provides a -2 to AC). Below is what is displayed when it is worn:
    Stormcloud Armor Class: 3
    Stormcloud: -2
    Dexterity: -X
    Armor of Thorns - This armor is identical to Stormcloud except for appearance and that it does not grant the resistance to Electricity. All of the discrepancies listed above for Stormcloud apply to Armor of Thorns.

    Gift of the Woods - The description lists every race and every alignment (except True Neutral) as being able to wear it, which is misleading since only Rangers and Druids can wear it and both classes have race and alignment restrictions. Dual-Class and Multi-class Rangers and Druids are NOT able to wear these, was that intentional? The bracers grant a +5 bonus to saves vs. Petrification/Polymorph (which makes sense based on the item description) and a +1 bonus to saves vs. everything else (which is not mentioned in the item description). Finally, it's possible use these bracers in an AC boosting exploit. Equipping them with armors such as Stormcloud that have an extra AC modifying affect attached to them allows you to boost your AC more than should be possible. You get the base AC of 0 provided by the bracers and you get the additional AC bonus provided by the extra affect on the armor (-2 for Stormcloud).

    Elven Longbow +2 - Description states that this bow is not usable by Bards. Longbows are usable by Bards, but Composite Longbows are not. Was this item intended to be a Composite Longbow? Additionally, this item does not factor in the base bonuses for being a (Composite?) Longbow. Longbows should grant a +1 bonus to THAC0 over and above the enchantment. Composite Longbows grant a +1 THAC0 and +2 Damage bonus over and above the enchantment. If this is supposed to be a Longbow, it should grant a +3 to THAC0 and a +2 to Damage (just like The Longbow of Marksmanship: The Dead Shot). If this is supposed to be a Composite Longbow, then it should grant a +3 to THAC0 and a +4 to Damage.

    Dragon Armor - It is odd that Multi or Dual class Mage/Thieves cannot wear this armor. Single Class thieves can wear it and so can any other Multi or Dual class Theif combination (Fighter/Thief, Cleric/Thief, etc.). The flavor text of the armor says it protects from attacks and improves stealth, but the STATISTICS portion does not make any mention of this. You may have done this intentionally to make people wear it in order to see how powerful it is. I put the stats I see in game in spoiler text in case that is true. If you'd like me to remove it, let me know.
    [Spoiler]In my game, it provides a massive -10 AC modifier to Missile, Slashing and Piercing attacks. The stealth bonus it provides is +8% to Stealth for Rangers and +15% to Move Silently for Thieves.[/Spoiler]

    Warrior Gloves - These can be worn by Kensai even though Kensai are forbidden from wearing Gauntlets/Bracers.

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  • DragonRiderDragonRider Member Posts: 43
    edited November 2013
    Sarnind said:

    this mod is pretty but the items are too op. It s a pity that I can t play for this problem. It would be great to have a version with ''normal'' items .

    A simple solution would be to just not use any item you feel is overpowered. Either sell it off or just don't pick it up. This would allow you to enjoy the quest and plot content CoM_Solaufein created without you feeling like things were made too easy for you due to the power of the items you found.

    While pretty much every item CoM_Solaufein created is powerful, I personally, only feel that a handful of them are overpowered. The challenges your party has to overcome and nature of the people/creatures you have to defeat to in to acquire the items justifies their power for the most part. If you look at the itemization in BG1 and BG2, there is precedent for most of the abilities/stats that were added to the items in this mod.

    Obviously you feel differently about the power of this mod's items, and that's ok. I just hope that not using some or all of them can be a solution for you. I've had a blast playing this mod, and I think you can too if you are able to look past the items you have problems with.

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
    edited November 2013
    I just made all of the changes to what you have mentioned to what the items should be. I underpowered them all. I think some how the old item files found their way back into the mod. I dumbed down a lot of these items from what they were originally at when I first made the mod. I have far too many files on my computer that I need to get rid of. Old files, old releases find their way into new releases. I'm too much of a junk collector. I'm going to do an update to the mod with these proper changes. I'll hold off for now in case you find other overpowered items that don't meet their text stats.

  • DragonRiderDragonRider Member Posts: 43

    I'm glad I've been some help to you. I'll continue testing and posting results. It's a real busy time for me right now though, so I probably won't be able to do much more testing until next week.

  • lakridslakrids Member Posts: 29
  • RellinRellin Member Posts: 28
    I await the next update on this mod with the item changes. I will re-install then.

  • revanbhrevanbh Member Posts: 38
    Considering installing this mod but I'm concerned about the need for Level 40/HLA mod. Is that absolute mod necessity? Also I've just started a new game with a new character, only reached as far as Friendly Arms. Will that be a problem?

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
    Level 40 is not necessary but you may hit the max level in the game quicker.
    Since all characters are spawned through the area script it shouldn't matter if you are at FA. The store clerks should spawn in once you install the mod.

  • revanbhrevanbh Member Posts: 38

    Level 40 is not necessary but you may hit the max level in the game quicker.
    Since all characters are spawned through the area script it shouldn't matter if you are at FA. The store clerks should spawn in once you install the mod.

    Installed it. Works great and looks very promising.

  • DragonRiderDragonRider Member Posts: 43
    edited November 2013
    I found some more oddities in my game:

    Dialog Triggers for some encounters: Are the below encounters supposed to have dialog? No dialog triggered for me, when I came to the area of the encounter, all of Assassins/Bounty Hunters/Section Agents were hostile (had red circles) and attacked without saying a word as soon as they saw me.
    Malius, Necardian and Phallen
    Garret, Allister, Zara and Hilgaar
    Wendell and his friends
    Davenport Encounter: 2 of the Section Elites Davenport is with did not go hostile after the dialog with Davenport. I re-played this encounter a few times and each time had the same result. This makes the encounter a lot easier than it most likely was intended to be.

    Lathander Guards in Beregost: Some of the Morninglord Guards and the Morningmasters can be attacked and killed without any loss of reputation or causing the residents of Beregost to go hostile. Half the time, they don't even fight back, they just continue wandering around the town. This is an easy way to gain some xp and a bunch of gear with very little risk and no consequences. I'll have to test this some more, but it seems that so long as no other Lathander guards see you, you can kill them with impunity.

    Shortbow +3: Morgoth's Bow: This bow is game-breakingly powerful. The description of the bow says it shoots 5 magic missiles per shot that do 1d4+3 damage each and cannot be resisted or saved against. However, in my game each magic missile does 11-14 damage (1d4+10 damage?). That's 55-70 damage per shot. An Fighter or Archer with 5 pips in Shortbow and equiped with the +attack and/or haste gear from this mod can dish out 275-350 damage per round with this bow. Heck, even if each magic missile did the 1d4+3 damage as the description states ( which is still a huge 20-35 damage per shot), it is still too powerful in my opinion. Even the artifact, The Shortbow of Gesen, has got nothing on this bow.
    - My personal opinion on how to balance this bow is that it should only fire 1 magic missile per shot instead of 5 and only deal 1d4+3 damage (or even 1d4+1 like the magic missile spell). Again, your mod, your item. If you are happy with the way this bow works, ignore what I wrote about it.

    Post edited by DragonRider on
  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
    They don't have dialogs. They just attacked. Wendell used to but for whatever reason his dialog kept locking up the game so I took it out. It worked fine with BG and Tutu, don't know why it doesn't work with EE.

  • DragonRiderDragonRider Member Posts: 43
    For giggles, I decided to pick fights with some of the new merchants you created. Wow. Just, wow. Awesome job.

    [Spoiler]I've only tried this with Magnus, Kieran, Ratava and the caravan merchants.
    Caravan Merchants - Nothing special here, although their guards carry some really nice gear. Seems a bit odd that caravan guards would be packing weapons meant for only the elite members of Section though.
    Magnus - Challenging. I was able to beat him in a straight up fight on my first try, but that was only because I had a run of really good luck with saving throws. That battle could have easily gone the other way if I hadn't been so lucky. Once you learn his tactics, he becomes a lot easier as you can stock up on items and spells to block some of the things he does.
    Kieran - Extremely challenging. Kieran himself isn't too difficult if you can surround him with melee attackers and get him to stop shooting arrows. The major threat are his friends. His threat level is deceptive because he's only got 2 baby wyverns with him. Unfortunately, your characters never look up and see his friends that are up in the air circling above him. I had to use cheese tactics to pick off his friends one at time in order to beat the encounter. I plan on revisiting this fight again in a couple levels and see if I can beat it without using cheese.
    Ratava - Definitely the most difficult of the merchants. She summons some pretty strong friends too, although she certainly doesn't need to. She's insanely powerful and resilient on her own. She does not need 2000 years or a pointy hat, she could easily kick Elminster's arse now. I had to cheat in order to win my battle with her. I'll try the fight again after I buyout every protective potion, scroll and item in the Sword Coast.
    I'm looking forward to testing my mettle against Cheff Martel and Thoregrim.[/Spoiler]

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
    Look at Ratava's whole name backwards and you'll understand why she is so hard.

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
    Davenport Encounter, Lathander Guards in Beregost are using a Shout script, which isn't working like I used to with the old games. I'll have to make a whole new script for them.

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
    Damn this game pisses me off. After making custom scripts for the Lathander guards it still doesn't work. They just stand there like a bunch of dopes taking it or they wonder around being hostile but don't attack.
    After going through a process of elimination to see why they don't do anything, I found out that the randomwalk script they were assigned kept them from doing anything. After I removed that, they became badass and killed me. Seeing that they have some overkill spells, it didn't take long.

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
    Don't make the Morninglords angry.

  • DragonRiderDragonRider Member Posts: 43

    Look at Ratava's whole name backwards and you'll understand why she is so hard.

    Makes total sense. I can't believe I missed that.

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
    Uploaded new version with a lot of fixes mentioned below. Sorry no Morwen yet. Hopefully I caught everything that was mentioned. Its possible I may have missed some things. If so by all means bring it to my attention.

    Version BGEE 2.10 Release. November 21, 2013


    Added personal scripts to the Morninglord Guards.
    Added personal script to the Sectin Elite with Davenport.


    The items listed below didn't match their stats. They now match the stats they are suppose to have, instead of being overkill.
    Doufas' Sabre
    Dagger +2: The Shocker
    Holy Flail of the Sun
    Battle Axe +3 Duragon's Power
    Ring of the Druid
    Light Crossbow +3 Firetooth
    Gauntlets of Skilled Thievery
    Elven Chain Mail +3
    Elven Chain Mail +1
    The Enlightenment Star
    Elemental Staff of Fire
    Poison Ivy +2
    Armor of Thorns
    Gift of the Woods
    Elven Longbow +2
    Warrior Gloves
    Emberwilde's Plate (Removed bonus attacks)
    Adjusted the usability of all armor types to the proper classes that can use them.

  • xenophonxenophon Member Posts: 17
    Glad to see the items get nerfed, it was hard not using and abusing them. I love the random encounters in the game they made it feel like I was really getting hunted. Random assassin squads always were my favorite part of BG1.

    I do have one grip though and thats the section HQ in beregost. The whole mod felt AAA until I basically slugged through wave after wave of full plate badass'. There were simply way too many to be believable and just felt like padding. If you cut half the enemies so every now and there is a guard or two and a couple big party on party battles it would be a better in terms of pacing and plot. Something akin to BlackIsle did with the orginal cloakwood mines.

    Other than that a fantastic mod that I will use on every playthrough, though I'll be skipping section HQ.

    Thanks for great work.

    P.S. Not sure if its your mod that adds this but Yarash dagger of returning is incredibly powerful. Neera equiped with it has almost as many kills as Minsc who leads the party in kills. If you slow down the 'reload' speed it would be a lot less OP.

  • Talos59Talos59 Member Posts: 13
    edited November 2013
    First of all, thanks for all your work, I really look forward to play that but I have an error during the installation process "no translation found for @902". I guess it has to do with the fact that my game version is french and your mod works only in english? Is there anything which can be done to still play it (in english) with my french game?
    Here is the log of the install if it helps/


  • Talos59Talos59 Member Posts: 13
    Looks like I can't add a .debug file, he is a rar version.

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
    That might be a problem for English users also. I forgot to add new strings to the English setup. I just uploaded a fix that has those strings. Download it again and try to install (in English) and see if it works. Other languages will still not work. Translators will have to update the mod once I have a final version done, which would be Version 3.

  • RoarRoar Member Posts: 41
    i just tried this mod out. great mod! thumbs up, however, the items feel too powerful and out of hand at the moment. As a DM, i would never allow my players to get this level of items at heroic, some of the items look too strong even at epic level..

  • CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
    The skull in her inventory; what if it was her former mentor and lover's skull?

    I forgot to add her studded leather armor in. Screenshot has it. Plus she only been in the party for a short period of time and has two kills. She's good with the bow.

  • MishuloMishulo Member Posts: 5
    hi there, trying to reinstall this awesome mod after the patch, but I'm having a few issues. Might I beg for a bit of help?
    I've tried installing on a freshly patched client - the game runs good, but there is something wrong with names as I don't think that the name in the attachment is the good one for that character :)
    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the issue seems to persist, also on other names (the guards were called "Short sword +2, 'Necro'" or something like that). I have found no issues during install.
    I'm going to try for a third time with the usual routine of uninstall/reinstall, but until it's done it might be helpful to you.
    If that matters, I'm on OS X.

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