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Your favourite Monk kit?

OperativeNLOperativeNL Member Posts: 146
Sun Soul Monk:

SUN SOUL MONK: Sun Soul Monks were once worshippers of Amaunator in the time of the Netheril, but today their worship is divided between Lathander, Selûne, and Sune. Sun Soul Monks adhere strictly to the law, using their martial arts and magical abilities to drive out darkness and corruption wherever they find it.

– 2nd level: May cast Sun Soulray once per day.
– 5th level: May cast Flaming Fists once per day.
– 6th level: Gains an additional use of Sun Soulray.
– 8th level: May cast Greater Sun once per day.
– 10th level: Gains an additional use of Sun Soulray.
– 13th level: May cast Soul Sunbeam once per day.
– 15th level: Gains an additional use of Sun Soulray.

SUN SOULRAY: The Sun Soul Monk projects a blast of light from open palm, dealing 1d8 damage every 2 levels to a maximum of 5d8. This ability does an additional 6 damage vs. undead.

FLAMING FISTS: The Sun Soul Monk channels inner light into unarmed attacks, turning fists into flaming weapons that deal an additional 2d6 fire damage per hit for the next round. The duration increases to 2 rounds at level 9, 3 rounds at level 12, 4 rounds at level 15, and 5 rounds at level 25. This special ability automatically modifies normal attacks; no weapon-switching needs to be done.

GREATER SUN: The Sun Soul Monk wreathes self in flames that act as a Fireshield (Red), granting the Monk 50% Fire Resistance and protecting from attacks made within a 5-ft. radius. An opponent that hits the Monk with any weapons or spells within this radius suffers 1d8+2 points of fire damage.

SUN SOULBEAM: The Sun Soul Monk emits a dazzling burst of light that strikes at all other creatures within a 30-ft. radius. The Sun Soulbeam does not automatically hit all targets, but makes a melee attack using the Monk's current THAC0 (+3 to hit vs. undead). Struck creatures suffer 9d6 points of damage (9d6+3 if undead), unless they save vs. Spell for half. In addition, all creatures except the Monk must save vs. Spell or be blinded for 10 turns.

– Alignment restricted to lawful good.
– May not use Stunning Blow ability.
– May not use Quivering Palm ability.

Dark Moon Monk:

DARK MOON MONK: The Order of the Dark Moon is a secretive monastic order that follows the teachings of the dark goddess Shar. Monks of the Dark Moon use physical prowess, dark magic, and many different forms of deception to mask their activities and strike with deadly precision.

– Perception: +2 bonus to Saving Throws vs. Illusion spells.
– May cast Chill Touch once per day every four levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
– 1st level: May cast Blindness once per day.
– 3rd level: May cast Blur once per day.
– 7th level: May cast Vampiric Touch once per day.
– 11th level: May cast Mirror Image once per day.

– Alignment restricted to lawful evil.
– May not use Lay On Hands ability.
– May not use Stunning Blow ability.

I've never played a monk before, not in all my years of BG2 playing either. They seem like completely different playstyles and I'd like to solo BGEE/BG2EE with one. But I can't decide which monk kit is most fun to play. Is any of them the best? Or the most fun in your opinion? If so why?

Both kits seem really cool from a roleplaying perspective but missing out on Stunning Blow seems like a huge disadvantage... are the advantages of the Sun Soul / Dark Moon monks worth this big disadvantage?

Your favourite Monk kit? 159 votes

Sun Soul Monk
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Unkitted Monk
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Dark Moon Monk
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