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Hexxat is missing

m3monsterm3monster Member Posts: 2
edited November 2013 in Not An Issue
I am playing BG2 EE on windows 8 through steam. I am on chapter 6, and I have killed all the slavers in the Copper Cornet.

As I was playing the game I never found Hexxat, but I wanted her in my party. So I looked online and found that she is supposed to be behind the stairs in the Copper Cornet. However, when I went looking she was not there, nor could I locate her in any other portion of the Cornet. I even looked around the outside of the building and checked in the graveyard just to make sure that she did not move there later in the game or something.

Is this a bug or is she simply inaccessible later in the game or some such? If that is the case is there a way to manually add her to my party because I am about 70 hours of questing into the game so far and REALLY don't want to restart the game just to play with one character.

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