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Am I Evil...? Yes I Am!

Feel free to hum the Diamond Head song as you read this, or play the Metallica remake (not because it's particularly relevant, but because it majorly kicks ass).

At any rate, I have been playing Baldur's Gate since it was first released, as I've mentioned numerous times around here. The thing is, with all of my playthroughs, which number too many to recount, I have ALWAYS played as a goody two shoes. Keldorn, Anomen, and Ajantis have been staple party members. The good path has always felt... "right".

But now that I'm well into chapter 3 of BG2:EE with an evil party that started its adventure in Candlekeep, I am enjoying this far more than I ever thought possible. Additions like Dorn and Hexxat certainly have helped to that end.

I'm done telling people that playing good is the most rewarding path. Not necessarily, and in many cases, actually not true. I think going forward I will be just as likely to go evil as go good.

So when asked, am I evil... in my current state of mind, yes I f%^$in' am is the best response I can give!!

Has EE influenced any other fallen Paladins among us? If so, I have one more offering to help you seal the deal:

Enjoy! And for those in the US, have an EVIL Thanksgiving!!! May the slaughter be abundant. The throne of Blood awaits! :)



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