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Baldur's Gate Lego

Hi Friends,

I had some custom Baldur's Gate Lego minifigs created by Saber Scorpion. They were handed out last night at the Beamdog christmas party, check them out:

Jan, Viconia, Minsc (and Boo), Korgan, Yoshimo, Edwin

Neera, Baeloth, Hexxat, Dorn, Rasaad

Sarevok, Melissan, Irenicus, Bodhi

Unfortunately these aren't a retail product that you can purchase, but Saber Scorpion does all manner of custom minifig orders if you've just got to have a Lego-Minsc of your own.

PantalionSertoriusNight_WatchjackjackFardragonSethDavisFinneousPJGemHoundAwong124CuvKamigoroshi[Deleted User]reedmilfamnanoFlashburnEudaemoniumThe_New_RomanceMontresor_SPMessiAedanNonnahswriterArdulcivian1991elminstermch202ReadingRamboCahirDeltaslayercomebackhomeDragonspearThrasymachusKidCarnivaldeltagoAvenelAlexisisinneedbooinyoureyesAcridSyphiliszwadekBalquoJarlealeTPSullivan1AnduinSouthpawthe_spyderAstafasShikaojscohenMetallomanBelgarathMTHAldericaqzinaRaistlin82CoryNewbSpaceInvaderdibVasculioMrpenfold666TressetFredjosarevok57lunarCrevsDaakFatalApocalypseArchaosjustfeelinathomelolienBillyYank


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