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Do You Cheat? (What Is Considered Cheating?)



  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,247
    edited February 2014

    How's it bugged exactly? Haven't had a need to use it yet since I don't have deaths often and Viconia's allready got Raise Dead. It's kind of just been sitting there memorized but unused on Jaheira's bark scroll.

    For some reason the effect seems to be to damage the caster, (as per its description), but it does not resurrect properly.
    Here is the thread:
    I believe @CrevsDaak posted a hot fix in there. My guess is this will be resolved in the next patch.
  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 6,910
    jackjack said:

    How's it bugged exactly? Haven't had a need to use it yet since I don't have deaths often and Viconia's allready got Raise Dead. It's kind of just been sitting there memorized but unused on Jaheira's bark scroll.

    For some reason the effect seems to be to damage the caster, (as per its description), but it does not resurrect properly.
    Here is the thread:
    I believe @CrevsDaak posted a hot fix in there. My guess is this will be resolved in the next patch.
    I've removed the damage, so it could be like cheating, it is a cheap (and quick) workaround.
  • SilverstarSilverstar Member Posts: 2,138
    Does it now also polymorph the resurectee or do some wild surge? Seeing as the fix is coming from CrevsDaak...
  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,247
    One can never be sure! Chaos is bound to ensue.
  • TyranusTyranus Member Posts: 268
    I cheat to a certain extent

    I keeper my stats to be some combination of 18/00,18,18,15,18,17; which are the highest I've ever naturally rolled in my life (a Paladin, which helps A LOT!). The statistical odds of re-rolling that are so high I say if I've won the lottery once, I've won it the rest of my life.

    Sometimes I'll add a kit to a multi-class.

    If I'm playing solo, I'll add a Bag of Holding to my inventory. I'm a loot vulture, can't help myself. If I don't end a playthrough with an absurd amount of gold, potions, and gear I've lost. I have done an insane solo poverty run... it was torture.

    I very rarely exploit spell glitches, even though I know so many of them. I don't consider them cheating, though. Pickpocketing Kangaxx for two Rings, now that's cheating (I do this too...)
  • NahkriinaakNahkriinaak Member Posts: 18
    The combat makes me want to commit suicide sometimes but I always resolve to finish the game once legitimately.

    Then I cheat as much as possible.
  • AtarbAtarb Member Posts: 11
    A few years late to the party, I have to respond to this thread.

    This is what seems reasonable to me.

    The golden rule about cheating is this:

    "The more you cheat, the less fun you'll have." Characters become dull with cheats. I've never made it through a cheated run. Almost any cheating can really take that vintage feel out of a genuine character. It's like pristine condition versus used. You haven't worked for it, you don't deserve it.

    However, some cheating is just necessary. To that end, cheating is useful for fixing basic annoyances with the game, but not in order to make it necessarily *easier*.

    To wit,
    • I only use my own ability rolls - no hacking those.
    • I don't save spam, use fireballs on distant enemies, or use exploits.
    • I don't use maximum hit points rolls.
    • I use a maximum of 5 characters. Usually 4. Hard to do with a bard. 6 is just too many.
    • To that effect, I figure Core Difficulty is okay for most of the game.
    • I don't use the console (I'm on android).
    • I use EEKeeper to change the kits of NPC's. Montaron should be an assassin, that's fair!
    • I figure that original BG gives NPC's their own special ability (Minsc, Berserk; Tiax, summon Ghast, Jaheira's rez, etc.) So I choose one for anyone who doesn't have one. Seems reasonable.
    • I feel as though combining the innate abilities of kits is sort of okay (Avenger + Totemic; Jester + Blade, etc.) since many of those kits were mostly uninteresting.
    • In this game, pickpocketing is totally silly since it depends entirely on save-spamming. So I increase it so that it works if I want to use it.
    • I don't save spam. If people die, I try my best to deal with it. Can lead to interesting situations.
    • I'll fix some script annoyances such as Kivan leaving the group early.
    • Yeah, I usually give myself a scroll case and a gem case, just because it's annoying otherwise.

  • Woolie_WoolWoolie_Wool Member Posts: 118
    edited March 1
    I admit to sometimes rejiggering stats when I feel like it would make them more fun to use. Like with Branwen, I usually move some of her stat points around to give her more STR and CON so she can hold her own in melee and fit my tank-centric playstyle (my current party must be some kind of all-time tanking record for me--four tanks!) better.

    I also reclassed Voghiln into a thief last time I played SoD because Safana's "sexy" act got on my nerves immediately and I desperately wanted someone less annoying.
  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member Posts: 177
    No. Take whatever HP are rolled, whatever spells are learned (or Not), chunked NPC's stay chunked, etc.

    I have become so ingrained in no-reload style, I'll start over again even with an obvious bug most of the time(unless there is no fix for it)or unless I am testing a mod FOR bugs (then I'll start over afterwards anyway with a new character).
    Hardcore I know, but I'll lose interest if I re-load. Shoot, not like I am going to lose interest from playing over and over again, or stop playing, hehheh.
  • WarChiefZekeWarChiefZeke Member Posts: 181
    edited March 16
    Sometimes I "cheat" by finding a protection from petrification spell as soon as possible and go on a basilisk slaying spree solo or with one caster.

    Sometimes i'll do this faster by just heading straight up to the Ankheg nest alone.

    i'll jump to level 6 in about a half hour and all the npc's i want after that will be high level as well.

    is that considered cheating?
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 1,823
    Nope, I never cheat. My half orc bard that rolled 100 in less than 20 min that uses control-J to get across already explored maps told me so.
  • ArtonaArtona Member Posts: 232
    I'm a shameless cheater. I often ctrl+j in location I already explored and sometimes I even ctrl+j to places on the map with quest/important fight/etc. I HATE filler fights with wolves, wild dogs, bandits, and so on - I'd rather go all ctrl+y on them and lose experience points, than endure those dull encounters - especially since they provide no challenge. However, I limit myself to ctrl+ying enemies that spawn after I cleared a map.
    Usually I also heal my characters after using all healing spells before resting - I'd end up reloading rest until entire squad is healed, so it's just much quicker.
    And I use some tactics that may be consider cheating. If I send out thief as scout, and after he reports he saw some red wizards of Thay - is ambushing them with potions of explosions cheating, or is it not? ;)
  • Yulaw9460Yulaw9460 Member Posts: 395
    I cheated a lot in my earlier days of BG. Then it got boring and I figured trying to beat the game the old fashioned way was the way to go. And I've been doing that ever since.

    Allthough, I sometimes use the command to speed up time to advance conversations, if some time has passed and nothing happens. I suppose that counts as cheating.
  • DevardKrownDevardKrown Member Posts: 315
    edited March 23
    The Necromancy is strong in this Thread !

    as for Bland out Cheating ? no ... i use EE Keeper to "Test" class/weapon and gear combinations , if i am pleased that character is deleted and a proper one is made and played.

    I also use EE Keeper for Flavor things that don't impact the game, examples are changing Colors.
    (Beamdog did a nice one with choosing primary and secondary color but being all black n edgy is hard if your Boots are Lime green and your Belt has a Pink Gem as centerpiece)

    Changing CHARNAMES Model, like Giving a Fighter the Thief Sprite, wearing a Plate will still give you the Fighter look but hide your Helmet and save you from bothersome Mismatch (or those silly Viking Horns)
    or giving a Half-Elf a Human Sprite. those kind of things.

    and Lastly ... Stat points ... don't get me Wrong , rolling for them is oddly Pleasing, but i got that 101 already so i don't see a reason to spread that value around freely now without stressing my index finger in Hours of clicking reroll again.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 2,678
    I rarely if ever use cheats, I think @Atarb nailed it right on the head, the more I cheat the more dull my characters become, although every once in a blue moon I will make an illegal race/class combination like Halfling fighter/mage/thief or elf fighter/enchanter just to add a little flavor to my party, but other than that, notta, I don't even have the console activated in bg1 but I have it in bg2 because sometimes bg2 likes to bug up a bit and I need to fix it with the console

    like for example, yesterday I was grinding fire giants in yaga shura's enclave to hit 8 million xp and my cleric/illusionist finally hit level 25 in her cleric class and she was given the symbol of helm when she was good alignment.... which means she cant use the item, so I thought; ah, lol buddy? there's a nice little bug, so instead I just consoled in the symbol of lathander so I could actually use the holy symbol I was supposed to get

    also 99% of the time when I use EE keeper, it's to make my sprites look different, sometimes I make all my characters look like drow ( which actually looks pretty neat) of even when I make a sorcerer or monk I will make him look like jon irenicus, in retrospect its not really cheating because it doesn't really add anything beneficial to your character, so I never feel bad for doing it
  • NotabarbiegirlNotabarbiegirl Member Posts: 125
    edited March 24
    In addition to what my hubby @Mathsorcerer said: when playing on PC the ability to mod the game, add items, characters and even "new equipment" that is all part of the experience for many, and is not usually considered cheating. Unless, you go extremely over board , but really it is your game, you are not playing on-line and it is yours to do with what you wish. IF you can live with it...
  • AbYsMaLAbYsMaL Member Posts: 11
    I don't use console commands or EEKeeper; not really a matter of whether or not I consider it cheating, but really more of the fact that I haven't figured out everything in BG yet so using it to bring in something that I shouldn't have yet (although it looks ok enough...) feels wrong.

    I don't consider save-reloading cheating if you have to come back from a game over, or if a weird bug happens (like earlier Oublek decided to go for a walk and I couldn't find him around the garrison, so reloaded) but if you are reloading a save because you got caught stealing that really fancy gem then that is cheating. At least in my opinion anyways.
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