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[DUPE] - Wrong or no spell description at all on right click

AkuroAkuro Member Posts: 93
edited February 2014 in Not An Issue

as you all know, one of the convenient new features of BG (2) EE is that you can right-click on a spell (or an innate ability) in the game window and read its description.

HOWEVER, as this feature wasn't implemented into the original series, many innate spells either have the false description or no description at all.
Back in the days this wasn't a problem, because you couldn't read the spell description of innate spells anyway and the innates therefore didn't need their own description.

In the EE however this feature causes some flaws and I have no idea, why this obvious bugs haven't been corrected before shipping...
Anyway, here are some examples:

1.) The Cevalier class: When right-clicking on the innate ability "Remove Fear", there's no description.
2.) The Paladadin class (in general): The spell "Lay on hands" has the wrong description from "Cure light wounds"
The list goes on and on....

I could provide a fix for the spells whose description is already in the game's tlk-file, as I'd only need to upload the corrected spl.-files. Unfortunately this wouldn't help that much because the tlk.-file has to be edited anyway in order to add new entries for the missing spell descriptions of many other innate abilities.

Please guys, fix this obvious flaw. The right-click feature you came up with is really convenient, but where's the point in it if many spells can't use this feature because of missing / wrong descriptions?


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