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Did R. A. Salvatore read this thread?

ZaknafeinBaenreZaknafeinBaenre Member Posts: 348
Anyone else follow Salvatore's books? I am in the process of reading his latest release, Night of the Hunter, and the internal struggle/debate Drizzt is having is so incredibly similar to the debate we had in this thread:

A quote: I am haunted by the expression on Bruenor's face, and by the words of Catti-brie. "The burden you carry blurs your judgment," she told me without reservation. "As you see yourself, you hope to find in others-in orcs and goblins, even." I wanted to argue, but found I could not. I wanted to scream against them both, to tell them that fate is not predetermined by nature, that a reasoning being could escape the determination of heredity, that intellect could overwhelm instinct. I wanted to tell them that I had escaped. I am filled with conflict. I wish to know, I must know! I am afraid to know.

Thoughts? Perhaps even the loremasters of our Forgotten Realms are not yet sure of the answer to the questions that were raised and skillfully debated right here, at the forums of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.

Perhaps we, with our unbridled enthusiasm at debating the realities of the Forgotten Realms and the nature of the creatures that reside there, are in fact unwittingly participating in the development of the Realm that we so love. Who can say?

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