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ToB seems to be broken (iPad)

Sorry, I don't know if this goes in iPad or bg2ee bugs, but ToB is broken on the iPad. It was all ok till chapter 9, when I went to abazigals lair, did that ok, but I can't get in to the monestary. And elminster didn't show up after abazigal. I seem to remember him doing that. Sense I've only played ToB once before I looked it up in a walkthrough, and it says i can talk to the barkeep and he will tell me to get the graveyard key. He doesn't. It also says I can ask saemon for help, but he's gone, and the mercenary captin doesn't have the gate key, if he's the guy who should. Also, the journal is completely broken, but that's another issue.
Has anyone seen this problem? Am I just being stupid?
It seems to be acting like I didn't kill abazigal. The walk through said I should have seen a vision of Balthazar imprisoning mellisan when I killed him, but that didn't happen.



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