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[WILSON] Wilson is not participating in dialogues

Hello again folks. i have a bug to report, though i'm not so sure if it has much credit, since i am playing a modded version of BG2:EE (currently with: Unfinished Business, Flirt Pack, Sarevok Friendship, Imoen Friendship, Mazzy friendship, Yoshimo friendship, and BG2 Tweaks).

The bug i'm refering to is with Wilson, everyone's favorite bear-like killing machine... in my game, it seems that he cannot participate in dialogs he clearly should 'say' something, sometimes causing the dialog to end abruptly... his entry/leave the party dialogs seem to be okay, though.

Here are some examples ( * SPOILERS ! * ):


1) In SoA, in the city of Brynnlaw, if you wish to talk with Desharyk (the pirate lord) in order to gain access to spellhold, you have the option to use wilson to convince him that you are insane... however, in my game, when that particular option in the dialogue window is selected, the dialog simply ends.

2) In SoA, just before 'entering' the Tree of Life, you have the famous talk with your companions... but, when it's time for Wilson to say something, the dialog ends.

2) In ToB, when you're in Saradush, you may meet good old Volo in the tavern, and he may talk a bit about you and your companions (including Wilson!)... however, when i select the option for him to say something about Wilson, the conversation ends abruptly.

In all of the mentioned examples, it IS written in the button below 'Continue', as with any dialogues that contains multiple parts, but clicking it simply ends the dialog.

like i said, there be plenty of mods in play, but i'm not sure which one could be causing that bug, since i cant really see any relation between them and Wilson... why would any of them cause any bug in wilson's dialogs.


  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,136
    You should uninstall all the mods and see if it keeps happening. Otherwise it shoukd be Wilson's effect that disables speaking.

  • ShareazuShareazu Member Posts: 51
    edited March 2014
    CrevsDaak said:

    You should uninstall all the mods and see if it keeps happening. Otherwise it shoukd be Wilson's effect that disables speaking.

    Alright, i will try, and will report here the results later. Thank you for answering... though it will be a real pain having to uninstall all the mods and then installing them again later (when i find out what exactly is wrong), i suppose it's the only way to be sure.


    I have just uninstalled every single mod and mod-component, but it seems the problem yet persists.

    You said that Wilson's effect disables speaking... that may be true (since he technically can't speak), but i know it is a bug, because the conversations involves him, and the option to continue the dialog exists, though it just ends the dialogue if you click on it... like something is preventing his participation (even if it's just random bear sounds, incomprehensible for us, poor mortals).

    Post edited by Shareazu on
  • ShareazuShareazu Member Posts: 51
    so, did someone have a similar problem? is there a workaround?

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    Tagging @Balquo because I don't think this needs to be reported. Probably included with #7128.

  • ShareazuShareazu Member Posts: 51
    Troodon80 said:

    Tagging @Balquo because I don't think this needs to be reported. Probably included with #7128.

    so what should i do?

  • StuperStarStuperStar Member Posts: 10
    i'm also having this problem, though i have and have had absolutely no mods installed. i'm surprised this is the only thing i've been able to find referencing this issue. it seems like it might be separate from issue #7128 because that report details that wilson was not in the party and the dialogue choice was showing up. for me, wilson is in my party, the dialogue choice shows up, but it just ends the conversation as described by Shareazu. has anyone else experienced this or found a workaround?

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,635
    Looks like all of the instances mentioned in the OP should be fixed in the upcoming patch. If there are any other instances where there is an issue with a Wilson dialog then please let us know so they can be looked at.

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