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Can I import neera from PC to android version?

Here's the thing..
I have the PC version of BGEE n BG2EE.
And recently I also got the android version of BGEE.

Do I have to buy the DLCs for new NPCs?
such as Neera n Dorn?

I've read somewhere that i can import the save file from my PC with the new NPCs..

But i'm wondering whether the dialogs n quests related to the new NPCs will work properly,
without installing the DLCs for android version.

Please do help~ my Neera is waiting^^


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,993
    edited April 2014

    That almost sounds like piracy. If I got this right; the cost of the new NPCs is included in the PC/Mac versions but it is NOT included on the mobile versions (android/ipad) which is why it comes as DLC. Don't try to cheat the system with underhanded tactics like that, just pay for the DLC like you should.

    @Dee @Jalily If I am not horribly wrong this should be brought to your attention.

  • bluemagicianbluemagician Member Posts: 3
    edited April 2014
    Hmm.. haven't thought it as an act of priacy;;
    As I have said.. I've bought all the PC versions, and the mobile version. And I am also quite willing to pay for the DLCs also.

    Just wanted to know if this is allowed or not.
    I thought it may be something like a bundle tribute? ("PC version owners don't need to buy the DLCs" or such) Because I think I've read something similar about this matter with ipad.

    But i guess u do have a point. I'll happily buy the DLCs if this is in any way problematic.

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,993
    Huh, that's interesting. I wasn't entirely sure what the official response would be, but I wasn't quite expecting that.

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    edited April 2014
    @tresset he owns both, so he can tamper with them however he wants. If you buy an ice cream without sprinkles, and then go home and put your own sprinkles on it it isn't piracy or stealing. It's only stealing when you steal the sprinkles. This is why (I think) it's ok to hack into a freemium game that sells cash/gold as an in-app purchase(temple run, real racing 3) and give yourself infinite sprinkles Cash/gold. Because you own the game.

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,993
    @meagloth Yeah, I suppose so... This can be a kinda tricky issue sometimes though. I certainly don't claim to be an expert on law or policies or anything like that. I just thought that this should be looked at by someone who knows stuff just to make sure it wasn't going to be a problem. Plus it was kinda late for me when I made that post and I think I may have confused moving a saved game from PC to Android to moving all the Neera content from PC to Android so you didn't have to pay for it (I tend to skim a lot of posts).

    Anyway, @bluemagician Sorry if I caused you any worry.

  • bluemagicianbluemagician Member Posts: 3
    @Dee‌ Thanks for the answer~
    and much more for the opportunity to play baldurs gate in subways on my way to work~!! :)

  • BuddyRichBuddyRich Member Posts: 20
    I started a new game on PC, did Candlekeep and wilderness up to FAI. Transferred my save over to Android (where I haven't bought DLC) to play on the bus on the way to work and saw Dorn at FAI (he was encountered in my PC version mind you but playing good so didn't recruit him) but got as far as Beregost on Android version and had the Neera encounter where she offered to join my party. Are there bugs with them after that? Dunno for sure, but I can confirm just starting the game on PC seems to give you the DLC.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,153
    @Tresset piracy would be activating the DLCs without buying them and without having the PC version.

  • TheOnlySealTheOnlySeal Member Posts: 2
    Hey guys, you seem to know how to transfer a save between pc and android, so I shamelessly hijack this thread a little to ask if any of you can enlighten me on how this is done :)

  • Airman1991Airman1991 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 46
    edited July 2014
    @TheOnlySeal‌ I use Dropbox to transfer my saves over. it can be found in the google play store, and on the Dropbox main site. Not going to post links so I don't worry about whether or not I get banned.

    Post edited by Airman1991 on
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,032
    edited July 2014
    @Airman1991‌ No trouble posting links unless it's a pirate site or clearly a spam post or porn or anything else that is against the PG13 rating of the forums.

  • Airman1991Airman1991 Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 46
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