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Creating an AoE 'Taunt' Ability (Dota2 Berserker's Call)

TvrtkoSvrdlarTvrtkoSvrdlar Member Posts: 353
edited May 2014 in General Modding
Title says it all.

How would one go about making an AoE spell that forces nearby enemies to target the taunting character for, let's say, 5 seconds? I've looked through the vanilla spells, and nothing really comes close, so I can't copy and tweak a spell to create the desired taunt effect.

Thing is, I'd like to expand the utility of Dwarven Defenders a bit. I've been playing with one, and while they're incredibly survivable (and fun!), the problem is that enemies more often than not ignore them (an issue for just about any tank character in this game). Some kind of taunt ability castable +1x/day per 5 levels would really do wonders for the class.

The thing I'm afraid of most is messing up scripts for important enemies. Situations where the Taunt could accidentally go about interrupting dialogue triggers that should've fired but didn't because the enemies are taunted into attacking the DD.

Thoughts? Ideas? Castigations? :P

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  • kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,183
    How about directing it the other way - A "taunt" that gives all other allies invisibility, improved invisibility, and nondetection for 1 round?

  • TvrtkoSvrdlarTvrtkoSvrdlar Member Posts: 353
    While that would work, it doesn't really *feel* right from an RP standpoint. I was looking for something more along the lines of this:

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
    edited May 2014
    About the only affect that comes close is to give the Berserk state:

    #3 (0x3) State: Berserking [3]
    Parameter #1: Irrelevant
    Parameter #2: Irrelevant
    Applies the berserk effect to the targeted creature(s). Target will uncontrollably attack enemies if any are in view, and will occasionally attack neutral creatures. The affected creature becomes berserk and its AI scripts stop running. Grants a +2 bonus to hit and damage with all weapons. It also sets the STATE_BERSERK flag. This opcode only affects party members.

    You could pair that with a -2 to hit and damage penalties to counteract the bonuses the Berserk state normally gives.

    EDIT: Forget that. Opcode #3 only affect party members. You'd need to use this opcode instead:

    #247 (0x247) Spell Effect: Attack Nearest Creature [247]
    Parameter #1: Irrelevant
    Parameter #2: Constant Value
    Applies the attack nearest creature effect on the targeted creature(s).
    This effect causes the targeted creature(s) to attack the nearest creature. The affected creature becomes berserk and its AI scripts stop running. Grants a +2 bonus to hit and damage with all weapons. Unlike opcode #3, this one can affect enemies as well.
    The 'Constant Value' parameter should be non-zero.
    This effect sets stat #144 (BERSERKSTAGE2) to param #2. It also sets the STATE_BERSERK flag.

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  • TvrtkoSvrdlarTvrtkoSvrdlar Member Posts: 353
    edited May 2014
    Alright, now we're getting somewhere.

    While not what I originally had in mind, your suggestion is a close runner-up! :)

    Truth be told, I'll probably end up using it, but...

    Is there any way to attach scripts to usable spells/abilities? Something like having a dummy ability which you activate, which then fires an accompanying script that basically does:

    - get every hostile unit within 5 yards of caster
    - disable hostiles' spellcasting and thieving for 1 round
    - tell flagged hostiles to attack caster for 6 seconds

    Is this possible? I'm pretty sure DavidW did much crazier stuff in SCSI.

    Speaking of which...


    I invoke thee! :P

    Can you guys weigh in on the issue?

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