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Plants VS Zombies! For Free? Is it real?

Demonoid_LimewireDemonoid_Limewire Member Posts: 424
edited May 2014 in Off-Topic
Hey! Everyone who is into funny gaming, should have heard about, or played through, an odd, quality title, called: "Plants VS Zombies". A tower defense, strategy game, which had been released in 2012. Too fun for anyone's standard, you were in for hearty laughs, smiles and gigles, every minute of gameplay! The developers were full of inspiration and talent.

Then, EA happened. Bought them off. Turned game into a franchise. Made it exclusive to consoles and new mobile systems that are crossbreeds between pc and mobile. And worst of all, turned its latest sequel, into a micro transaction, pay to win, sitty, online game wannabe (even though it begun its life as a pc title, buy once, get the whole package thingy).

Anyway, now, EA is giving it out for free, on Origin, which you can download for free. Until 28 of MAY. At least it is the Game of The Year Edition! And the game developed by the original developers, BEFORE E.A. had to cash in and ruin everything... Or else i wouldn't touch anything off of EA, even as gift.



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