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Spell Sequencer Range

kjeronkjeron Member Posts: 2,119
Spells with ranges shorter than visual range are difficult to cast through a sequencer, since any spell in a sequencer that is attempted to cast beyond its range will fail. While this is likely intended, it is not measuring range the same way as normal spell-casting does, making it impossible to utilize touch-range spells in a sequencer, since even if you are close enough to cast the spell, with selection circles overlapping, it still fails if cast through a sequencer.

Memorize 3x Protection from Evil & 1x Minor Sequencer.
Put 2x Prot. from Evil in the Sequencer.
Cast the remaining Prot. from Evil on another Party Member, to insure you are within necessary range.
Activate the Sequencer targeting that party member. Spells fail.



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