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Level adder v0.5

CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,153
edited November 2015 in General Modding

This magical shit adds X (with X being the number you enter at installation time for each choice) to every single 'Classed' enemy (every single non-joinable NPC that has a class the PC can also use/be), which makes them more powerful if you later install SCS (and don't disable it from correcting all the mistakes in the creatures' proper stats for their levels).
I think that this is a must for BG1, because it's very easy, but watch out, you can get a level 5 Carbos at Candlekeep if you choose to add 4 levels to every single Thief (single class thief) in the game, also, don't blame me if Tarnesh starts casting level 5 spells of stuff like that.
You'll be asked for every single class, only Sorcerers will get the same as Mages.

It also gives the user the option to install one of the "Multiply HP by X" components to make the game (stupidly) harder (it's recommended to install this particular component AFTER BG2Tweaks' "Max HP for every creature", the rest should be installed before).


It's compatible with everything, since it copies and changes one (or two or three, depends on the class) single bytes of the CRE files, which does not cause issues (as far as I know).

It will only work in BG2/BGEE engines, that means no BG1, IWD nor PS:T.

I recommend installing this after mods that add Quests or new creatures/enemies/quest givers to the game, . It's completely useless unless (redundancy!) you use SCS, it's recommended to install the BG2Tweaks' "Max HP for every creature in the game" component, which will use the modifications done by this mod, so your level 5 Carbos will get 30 HP.


Until now, I can point that SCS has a level override feature for several creatures in the game, they won't get the bonus, they will be set to the level SCS points them.

-This won't affect the game much if you don't later use SCS & the BG2Tweaks component named "Max HP for all creatures in the game".
-Please don't blame me because now all the mages have a 21 levels bonus.
-Don't message me, use this thread instead if you need to say something about this.
-THIS IS THE README. Surprise! It's short but it says all it has to say.

Updated to v0.4. Now Clerics don't get their level bonus twice.

Updated to v0.5, now the mod installs, no longer ships a copy of WeiDU.


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