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Meagloth's custom sound set

meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
Somewhat inspired by @Quartz‌' custom sound set thread, I have created my own custom sound set, mostly with a jester or bard in mind. It quite satirical, and I think some may consider it a bit over the top.
Here is the transcript:

Selection 1:you say something?

Selection 2:hehehe

Selection 3:*yawn* waddup?

Selection 4: ahhh...

Selection 5: what is it you need?

Command 1: but of course!

Command 2:ack! Certainly I'm above this!

Command 3: ugh, reallllyyyyyy.....?

Command 4: whatever

Command 5:look, I'll see what I can do, ok?

Rare selection 1: chuga chuga chuga chuga chooooo! Choooooo!

Rare selection 2:ow! Click on someone else, you slime faced dirtball!

Rare selection 3: get yer hands offa me, you damn dirty ape!

Rare command 3: fear not! It is I! Brave and powerful CHARNAME!!

Rare command 2: hehe...hehehHEHEHHEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!

Rare command 1:with speed and efficiency!

Battlecry 1:aaaeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!

Battlecry 2: [hummed ride of the Valkyries.]

Battlecry 3: YOU WILL SUFFER! YOU WIl-(Ooh, wrong end. That's gonna leave a mark)

Moral failure: apthhh! Err.. Im just Gonna pull a Khalid now.

Hide in shadow: pretty pretty walks the night, pretty pretty fears the light

Pick pocket: hrmmmmm... what has it got in its pocketsess????

Injured 1:ouch! Tommorow, come by me and you shall find a grave man! Ha... Really, nobody?

Injured 2: oof! Dammit, that hurt!

Near death: my gods!!!! This red liquid! It's spewing out of me! Help! Hheeeellllllppppppp!!!

In forest: ahhh... The smell of the trees, the wind in my face.. AHHHH! Spider! spider!

Night: Ahhh... I always preferred the cool of the night.

Bored: BORED! BORED!(bang) BORED!(bang) BORED!(bang)

Tired: is life itself not long enough?! Must we continue this mindless trek without rest?! Whhhyyyyyy!!!??? Whhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????!??? *clump*

City:ah, how I love the bustle of the city! I wonder what that lady just duped out the window?

Leader: ohhhh.... so this is what the party looks like from the top.

Party death: Ooopsy-daisy

Crit hit: ohhh, feel the burn!

Crit. Miss: all part of my elaborate plan.

Daytime: were.... Are.... My sunglasses?

Trap set: Careful now, we wouldn't want to get all tangled up, would we?

Inventory full: (oops) HEY MAN, WATCH IT! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!

Spell disrupted: ouch! Ohhhh, bother!

Dungeon: y-ya- you Have someone looking for traps, right?

Target immune: immune? What sorcery is this?!

Dying: uh! not agai- ugh...

I hope this works. Never done a YouTube before.
Now all I need to do is implement them. Hmmm.....



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