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"We're All Doomed". Blackraven's No-Reload SCS runs, latest CHARNAME: Streg, Half-Orc Cleric/Thief

BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,466
Hey folks, I've decided to just use a single thread, this one, to report on the progress I make with different Charnames in my SCS No-Reload playthroughs. So far they just keep on falling, in early SoA at the latest, which is why I think it sensible to use a single thread instead of starting one or two new ones every week.

Most of the time I play a heavily modded version of the game, still BGT rather than EE as there are a couple of non-EE mods that I'm quite attached to (such as Item Randomization, Hard Times, Song & Silence, aTweaks).

Some of my playthroughs are heavily role-played whereas others can be seen more as technical/tactical... experiments, and may be more metagamed, though I do generally stick to Charname's alignment and personality. Other rules I tend to apply is to not abuse resting (which makes playing a spellcaster a bit more challenging), to give all creatures in the game including Charname and party members full hitpoints at level up as I don't like the 'luck factor' there, and to play no-reload. I still have a few savegames of fallen Charnames and I often tell myself I'll pick those games up again, but somehow I always end up rolling a new Charname. I might be convinced though by readers to go minimal-reload if they think a character was particularly interesting to read about.


Other Charnames you might have read aren't included here because they never died. My playthroughs with Aya the Avenger and Grynne the 2nd (Half-Orc Wizard Slayer) are lost due to game crashes and simplified re-installs, with less mods. I kind of gave up on Serene (Half-Elf Beast Mistress) after a bug at near death status, but strictly speaking she never died.

† Nelsy †
CG Halfling Bounty Huntress
Date of Death: Unknown
Cause of Death: Insta-killed by Jenkal’s backstab.
Nelsy was a friendly, kind-hearted and naive young Bhaalspawn. She died a premature death in Gullykin where she had wanted to meet more of her (Halfling) kind and make some friends. The villagers all received her amiably and one, Alora, had even joined her, much to Nelsy's joy, until Jenkal ended her bliss. Maybe she was a bit too soft to be a successful Bhaalspawn or even adventurer.

† Elloysia †
CN Gnome Transmuter
Date of Death: Unknown
Cause of Death: Shoal’s kiss of death proved that not only males have to be wary of Nereids.
Elloysia was an aspiring young mage, and a very unlucky one at that as she could only cast Alteration spells. Would a wider range of spells have saved her though? Probably not.

† Teyl the 1st †
NE Halfling Priest of Cyric/Thief (solo)
Date of Death: Unknown
Cause of Death: Charmed by Hareishan in the Cloakwood Mines.
Truth be told Teyl was a bit of a jerk: a double-crossing, conniving little trickster who was only out for himself and expected no less of others. Many would underestimate the sneak due to his unimpressive physique, his dapper appearance and the absence of friends surrounding let alone protecting him, but that’s exactly how he liked to work.

† Teyl the 2nd †
NE Halfling Priest of Cyric/Thief (solo)
Date of Death: Unknown
Cause of Death: PW Stunned by Rayic Gethras and subsequently slain by the wizard’s MMMs.

† Grynne the 1st †
LN Half-Orc Wizard Slayer
Date of Death: Unknown
Cause of Death: Fainted in Mulahey’s Stinking Cloud and finished off by the latter's ‘improved’ Battle Horrors
With her honesty and her sense of honor Grynne could have been a Paladin if only she had been human, and probably a bit less suspicious of magic. She distinguished herself as a merciless hunter of evil arcane magic users, and had difficulty staying her hand even against non-evil casters.

† Gylliane the 1st †
TN Elf Swashbuckler/Mage
Date of Death: Unknown
Cause of Death: Webbed by Kysus at the Cloakwood Mine entrance and finished off by the latter and two of his Ogrillon minions
Gylliane was a typical ‘what you see is what you get type of girl’, turning heads wherever she went with her elven beauty and very no-nonsense in her dealings with others: courteous when she could, ruthless when she had to.

† Gylliane the 2nd †
CG Elf Swashbuckler/Mage (solo)
Date of Death: Unknown
Cause of Death: Unknown. During the final showdown she had already taken down Angelo and was gaining the upper hand against Tazok when all of a sudden she instantly died. One theory is that Semaj successfully petrified her, but it’s something we’ll never know.

† Lenno †
CN Halfling Swashbuckler
Date of Death: Unknown
Cause of Death: Combination of (modded) Traps and Flesh Golems at Alaric’s Cave
Flamboyant, risk-prone and with an unmatched talent to choose the wrong friends and generally fail at missions, Lenno was unlikely to live a long and healthy life. Even so, his unfortunate death in a pirate cave came disappointingly early.

† Ocker †
NG Dwarven Skald
Date of Death: Unknown
Cause of Death: Charmed and death-kissed by Shoal.
Ocker was a good Dwarf, noble of heart. A brave warrior poet who took his role as the leader of an adventuring party very seriously, Ocker would inspire his companions with his battlesong but suffered when he saw his friends in trouble, causing him to step into battle ill-prepared on more than one occasion. His valor in the end also meant his death.

† Vallon †
LG Human Undead Hunter
Date of Death: Unknown
Cause of Death: Panicked, cornered and slain by TorGal at Nalia’s Keep.
Vallon combined his outstanding fighting prowess with an impeccable moral integrity, and a humble disposition he often found lacking in fellow Paladins. He singlehandedly saved the Sword Coast from the brute Sarevok and was already making a name for himself in Amn before mind-altering magic ended his life.

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  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    CrevsDaak said:

    I'm bookmarking this thread, it's going to be great (if it already isn't by now :P)!

    Also, item randomization's latest version (called 'dev version'), which you can get on a thread by Wisp in G3, is compatible with the EEs.

    I'm so going to try it, it looks so cool yet harder.

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    But can you find a specific tome twice ?

  • auburn2auburn2 Member Posts: 13
    I would imagine the easiest way to get through is with a multi-classed Chaotic thief. Let the companions do all the fighting while charname hangs back. When the companions die replace with other companions. That shouldn't be too tough. If you get really low on companions you can sneak through most encounters at higher levels as a thief. Just bring enough people or items to beat Serevok at the end.

  • ElrandirElrandir Member Posts: 1,653
    You can always pull a Victor Stark. Psychopathic sorcerer who uses others without a care in the world as to their well-being. (This is a reference to Infernocanuck's Let's Play of BG on Youtube. Unfortunately he never finished it, but a common trait of psychopaths is manipulation of others. Might be an interesting twist for you to try.) Now I doubt you'd be interested in a sorcerer since; arcane magic>everything, but you get my point. =p

  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    edited June 2014
    Well, even if in BG saga there is not a value for the number of moves (AFAIK), @Blackraven‌ could add the number of days spent from the beginning to the premature death of CHARNAME, if he likes the idea, maybe near the FR date. ;)
    Like this:

    [ ... ]
    - † Α ♦ Ω † -

    Died on [Forgotten Realms date here] by the blade of/by activating a/by an arrow to the knee thrown by/etc.
    a goblin/fireball trap/a Talon bandit/etc.
    while [last action/quest/attempt here]
    after XY days and Z hours of journey.
    [ ... ]

    Also @booinyoureyes‌ I would like to see you too here to participate with us. :)

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,466
    edited June 2014
  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    Ah, lol! Ok!
    Btw: that's why the example I provided you was without tombstone or such, even with "pre" tags you'll always have to edit all the frame. I used only "center" tags! ;p

    I also like that yes-reload idea: after "filling the graveyard" I'd really like a poll! :D

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