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"We're All Doomed". Blackraven's No-Reload SCS runs, latest CHARNAME: Streg, Half-Orc Cleric/Thief



  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,466
    @Meanbunny, thanks so much for your kindness, there can never be too much of that here on the forums, or anywhere. Makes me appreciate you as a great forum member as well!
    My computer problems are mostly solved, but like you I've been quite busy albeit with work rather than play.... Good to know that you're in the brainstorming process. I hope you won't let it slip. I'm tryuing to use spare moments to edit or write, but it's a slow process.
    Meanwhile I'm glad you're enjoying yourself with Magic the Gathering. I had friends back in highschool who used to play that game a fair bit, but I never bothered because it would have meant having to spend my allowance on those cards instead of other things I valued more. Later I realized that it's probably lots of fun :) Anyway talk soon, best of luck!

  • MeanbunnyMeanbunny Member Posts: 107
    @Blackraven Thanks a lot for the recognition, it really means alot. I definitely am not going to let this RP Playthrough slip. It is something I really want to give a shot. I am glad to hear that your computer problems are starting to go away, those things are always mega aggrevating. You are totally correct about Magic though. It takes a lot of money investment if you really want to build a competitive deck, so you do have to start thinking about where you want to dedicate your extra spending cash. On the other hand, you can easily get into the game by buying just a couple booster packs for $4 each at a time. It is quite a lot of fun. Anyway, glad to here things are going well. Looking forward to future updates.

  • GoturalGotural Member Posts: 1,229
    Some good old no-reload is always a blast to read ! Good luck and have fun :)

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,459
    Ohhh yeaahhh! This is one of the hardest ones, a solo Wizard Slayer. Darts is a good choice, maybe even the best for the Wizard Slayer. I've come to this when trying it myself.

    It's a little bit unfortunatel you've found a Shapeshifter run so easy, it's far from what I encountered with the Totemic Druid. Maybe your tweaks influenced it?

    Anyway, I'm eager to see how the Wizard Slayer will deal with those who constantly cast *Hold Person / *Fear / *Emotion and so on..

  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,466
    @bengoshi, yes I'm quite enthusiastic about this solo SCS Wizard Slayer challenge, this time unmodded. There is so much I need to think about. Which quests to do and which encounters to avoid? What order to apply? What situations to keep my Protection from Magic Scrolls for? (Afaik there are only two such scrolls before you get to Baldur's Gate. One will definitely be saved for the Cloakwood Mines.)

    Indeed quite the contrast with the Shapeshifter, where I simply shredded most enemies with Guadelupe's Werewolf form. I'm not sure if the tweaks made a huge difference because I put the paw in the off-hand. This means I dealt out most damage with the dagger of venom, which is the same in an untweaked game. Ah one thing I forgot to mention: I noticed the tweaked Werewolf MR stacks with MR obtained from potions/items. This was something I disliked, as it can make the Werewolf quite OP. Imagine a Werewolf with Cloak of Balduran and Potions of Magic Protection... It's another reason why I abandoned the run. If I do another Shapeshifter run, it will be unmodded, meaning I would have to uninstall that SCS component, even though I like the fact that the paws cannot be dispelled and that they do slashing damage.

    Re: the optimal weapons for a WS, I find it very difficult to decide. Ranged I think bows, crossbows and darts are all fine because they have nice ammo with nasty effects (arrows of dispelling, biting etc, bolts of biting, bolts of lightning, darts or stunning/wounding). Darts have the advantage of 3 base APR. Slings, and throwing daggers/axes seem to be less suitable, due to lack of APR and lack of special effects. Have you been experimenting more with a WS yourself?

    When it comes to melee weapons, I think the Stupefier, Varscona, and Ashideena are all very nice weapons. In BG2 flails might be the best option, though I prefer Hammers and Axes for my Dwarf. Some people mention speed weapons as well (i.e. scimitars, short swords), but I think I that if Hardeth makes it to BG2, she'll be rocking the Shield of Harmony most of the time.

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