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Directions from Golin Vend (Beware! Major spoilers!)

lolienlolien Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,066
edited June 2014 in New Members Welcome Area
"Need directions? You seem a friendly sort, so I thought I'd offer my services as a guide. What do you need from the forum of Baldur's Gate?"

1: -Certainly. If you could direct me to an affordable inn I would much appreciate it.

I suggest you ask around here. There you can find some innteresting inns.

2:-I'm looking for a bit of luxury. What's the nicest inn in town?

I suggest you Kalesra's House of Fortune. Here you can bet your coins and play cards with the locals.

3:-I need some well-made weapons and armor. Do you have a good smithy?

I suggest you Kiwidoc's Female Armory for armors. Here you can find some help with weapons, mostly swords. However, if you are seeking for some mastersmiths go there. Not Taerom Fuiruim's Thunderhammer Smithy, but i hope you will like it too. Or with some luck you can find everything in Lady Rhian's "Garments for Adventurer's" Mart: biggest selection, lowest prices!

4:-Just a place to sit a spell and drown my worries. Where is a good tavern?

I suggest you Alaundo's Alehouse, wether you would like to forget your everyday life's worry, want some friendly discussion, or just thirst for some smooth liquor.

And let me suggest some places without question!

Go to our scribes, if you want to polish your skill in language knowledge.

When you seek some entertainment, visit the order of memetics, the spell experimental station, the veteran player club, the RQ society, or read one of the bestsellers: The Confessions of a Bhaalspawn.

When you would like some good tales i recommend you to read Oracos: My Little Divinations, Gaspar: The Real Charmer, or Serene: The Sword Coast Romance.

If you prefer tales in pictures rather than words please look at the works of the court illustrator, or see the story of the Bored Branch.

If you want to know the true story of the Forum's Kingdom read the tale of forumites.

Enjoy some music with our bards and minstrels.

And last, if you suffer from restartitis visit our Chronic restarting detox camp

Sadly, i can't show everything for you, but feel free to look around here and there, and ask anyone for their favourite places.
Have you any more questions?

Don't ask any!.

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