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Finch v4.0 BETA 7 for Tutu, BG:EE and BGT!



  • ErgErg Member Posts: 1,756
    edited May 2016
    kaguana said:

    I install it as you ask but it didn't bring Finch's name back, it still show that quote of her.

    Yes, that wasn't the fix, but I needed that number to create one. Anyway, I'm glad that you managed to fix it yourself.
    kaguana said:

    sorry to bother you

    No problem. Let me know if you find any other issues or bugs.
  • KjataKjata Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2016
    Hi @Erg, and many thanks for the work on this mod !

    Just tried to install the FRENCH version on BG1 EE, and it failed with error :
    invalid character "~" on line 1137 in FinchNPC\tra\bgee\french\sufinch.tra

    It's the line you added for the Firebead fix ;-)
    I was able to make it work by adding an additional "~" to end the line
    @1150 = ~Merci !~
  • GrimLefourbeGrimLefourbe Member Posts: 637
    I've got all the books but I don't get a dialog suggesting me to bring them to Nashkel, what's supposed to trigger it?
  • GrimLefourbeGrimLefourbe Member Posts: 637
    Update, it procced when I returned to the bandit camp, intriguing...
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714
    Anybody here can get in touch with @Erg or with the original author of Finch on my behalf?

    I need to ask a question to them.

    Thanks in advance.
  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,096
    I sent him a PM at PPG, but he hasn't logged in years, so...
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714
    I sent him a PM at PPG, but he hasn't logged in years, so...


    Even @Erg apparently doesn't appear around here for years (his/her last comment was around July/2016).
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714

    I would like to announce that Deities of Faerûn now has a special component that gives the Glyphscriber of Deneir kit to Finch.

    Hope you guys enjoy it!
  • d2freakd2freak Member Posts: 31
    I have a question. What happens if Finch is in the party at the end of bg1 and then I go to SoD?

    I understand she has no content, but will she be removed or is she imported to SoD and is silent there?
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714
    d2freak wrote: »
    I have a question. What happens if Finch is in the party at the end of bg1 and then I go to SoD?

    I understand she has no content, but will she be removed or is she imported to SoD and is silent there?

    @jastey may correct me if necessary, but the standard behavior is importing the NPC to the initial dungeon and making him/her disappear when that area is done.
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,140
    @d2freak The mod doesn't account for SoD yet, that means, Finch will probably be treated like a multiplayer NPC and just remain in the group. I assume the wanted behavior would be that she leaves the group after the first SoD dungeon, though, but that needs to be accounted for by the modder.
    @Raduziel That is true for a pure BG:EE NPC, but the mod needs to reflect this, which it currently doesn't.

    So, folks, if you want Finch in SoD, take advantage of this while you still can!! :)
  • MereinidMereinid Member Posts: 46
    Greetings fellow adventurers. I have a feeling this is going to not come out right, but I am nothing if not dedicated to saying what's on my mind. Is there a way for me to change Finch's profile pic? I literally can't stop looking at her nose. She doesn't have to be a stunner, but..yeah, I'm gonna need to that schnoz fixed. My girls need to be representing my Undead Slayer Paladin very well.

    Anyway, thank you for the mod and I am very glad to have an additional cleric in the ranks!

    Luck & Loot,
  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 770
    Have you ever wondered if there was more to life other than being really really ridiculously good looking?
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,140
    edited April 2021
    Finch updates to v5.1 and is now available from the official Pocket Plane GitHub Download!

    The version is flagged as a pre-release for now. Please let me know if you encounter problems!

    New features:
    -BG:EE and BGT compatibility by Erg
    -EET compatibility by tipun and jastey
    -Russian version by yota13 & p_zombie
    -German version by Leonardo Watson

    Thank you all for your work on this gem of a mod!

    Visit the Mod's Page

    Visit the Forum

    Download the mod at GitHub.
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  • GraionDilachGraionDilach Member Posts: 202
    @jastey Late congratz!

    Although in your last reply, Indira's download location is linked.

    Also, I'm not sure how much of a feature request this would be but can there be an option in the mod settings to give her the Priest of Deneir kit in BGT/BGEE/Tutu/EET? Using NPCEE forbids her to use her bookbag and then it needs to be NId.
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,140
    @GraionDilach download link is corrected, thanks!

    I don't know how to apply kits to NPCs.
    Please inform the author of NPCEE that the mod makes Finch's bookbag unuasable so it can be fixed there.
  • GraionDilachGraionDilach Member Posts: 202
    edited April 2021
    @jastey - I took another look and eh, it's neither mod's fault. The Deneir kit I have comes from a mod and it uses Paladin kit item useability flags. Finch's bookbag only has the kitless Cleric useability flag set IIRC and NPCEE doesn't touch these flags on items at all (nor it should). Sorry for the trouble, gotta hunt down where my kit came from.
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,140
    @GraionDilach I don't know how the book bag works, I thought it's just a bottomless bag for books and scrolls. Maybe the usability of the bag could be widened to kitted clerics as well.
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,140
    @GraionDilach ah, I think I understand. The bookbag has almost all unusable flags set, and I assume that this was an attempt to restrict the bag to Finch as it was done in the old engine. This way, it was restricted to a female gnome cleric as Finch would be in the unchanged mod, which was as good as it got back then.
    Is it important that the bag stays with Finch for any reason (other than that her books might be inside)? I could just remove the unusable flags from it.
  • GwendolyneGwendolyne Member Posts: 456
    @jastey Finch French translation needs a deep proofreading. Any ETA for the final stable version?
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,140
    edited April 2021
    @Gwendolyne no ETA, it depends on bug reports I get. (i.e. I will only update this mod if there are bugreports).
  • GwendolyneGwendolyne Member Posts: 456

    I will send a PR when the proofreading is completed. I guess I will also have a look at Mur'Neth...
  • DraziusDrazius Member Posts: 6
    I love Finch, she's actually my favorite custom NPC. Her voice set, what she says, etc are all top notch and fit in perfectly with the game.

    It's the one NPC mod that I always use. Thanks for making her!
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,140
    Finch updates to v5.2. Thank you to tipun and Austin for bugreports and fixes!

    - Added EET checks where needed.
    - Changed the name of the item misc3p to sumisc3p for compatibility with BoneHill
    - Improved code for removing Finch from a party in SOD.
  • mledmled Member Posts: 16
    edited July 2021
    Hi @jastey it seems I have two problems with this version (I hadn't tried theprevious ones so IDK if it was there).
    The first one is in the french translation for bgee. This one is simple, I made a pull request there
    (I was just a bit lost because there are two different tra files for each language and I didn't modify the correct one ).

    Once this one is fixed, I stumble on another one I don't know howto fix.
    It seems to use some functions from the colocated EET (13.1) directory.
    Short version:
    Compiling 1 dialogue file ...
    ERROR: No translation provided for @5000002
    ERROR: parsing [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/.../FATESP-eb.d]: Not_found
    ERROR: compiling [.../FATESP-eb.d]!
    Stopping installation because of error.
    Stopping installation because of error.
    Stopping installation because of error.
    Stopping installation because of error.
    Stopping installation because of error.
    Stopping installation because of error.
    Stopping installation because of error.
    ERREUR pendant l'installation de [Finch], retour a l'etat anterieur
    Will uninstall 224 files for [FinchNPC/FinchNPC.tp2] component 0.
    Uninstalled    224 files for [FinchNPC/FinchNPC.tp2] component 0.
    ERROR: Not_found
    S'IL VOUS PLAIT, envoyez par e-mail le fichier setup-FinchNPC.debug a
    Automatically Skipping [Finch] because of error.

    Longer version: the attached file (renamed as .txt for reasons)
  • mledmled Member Posts: 16
    Now in fact Indira gives me exactly the same error message as Finch when trying to install it ([tb#_compile_eval_buffer/.../FATESP-eb.d]: Not_found)
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,140
    edited July 2021
    @mled This is because the mods try to use EET entries that were removed for v13(.1).

    You can apply a quickfix by opening the mods' tp2 with a simple editor (not MS Word) and replace the line (for Finch)
    string = "@5000002"

    string = "~Bring me Finch.~"

    before installing the mods. For Indira similar.
  • mledmled Member Posts: 16
    Thank you!
  • GraionDilachGraionDilach Member Posts: 202
    @jastey I filed a polish PR for this one.
  • jasteyjastey Member Posts: 2,140
    @GraionDilach thanks! What exactly is this for and why is it needed?
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