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Constantly repeating magical effect (ToB)


Right after finishing the madcap finale of Rasaad's mission, I stopped playing and saved the game. When I booted it back up, my main character kept having a magical effect flash around him with a *very* annoying sound effect. This would happen without fail every two seconds. I eventually found out that it was his ring of regeneration. Two other characters have regeneration via one item or another (inc. a second ring that I bought in the Thay marketplace during Neera's quest), but they weren't doing that. What I noticed after restarting the game tonight was:

- That magic effect flash and sound effect would play every two seconds if my main character had the ring on.
- Both would play on him and the other characters with regeneration stuff every time I zoned into an area (whether a new map or even just a building, even if the main character didn't have the ring on).

This only started either after or at some point late in Rasaad's quest (which gets busy and noisy). Is there a hotfix for this or some way to stop it?



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