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What hobbies do you (or would you) like to practises in the Baldur's Gate Trilogy?



  • LeonLeon Member Posts: 83
    Watching the "special entertainment" at the Copper Coronet.
    i just found the perfect activity; impliment strange forniture letters to confuse gamers and archaeologists aka Chair letter

  • jamoecwjamoecw Member Posts: 41
    edited September 2014
    There are other activities I'd like to do, but none of them are implemented in the games.
    well in BG you are a bhaalspawn raised in a fortress library, so after the events of BG1 i'd try to create a fortress refuge for other bhaalspawn and hunted folks. the goals would be to protect victims and learn about the taint in order to cure or control the godblood. of course none of that is in the cards due to the events of BG2 (kidnapping almost immediately after BG1, and the urgent rescue of your sister).

    IWD is a bit more varied due to the variety of characters one can have. one would like nothing better than to accumulate knowledge of the mundane workings of the world. another searching for the fundamental natures of the various magics of the world. another to eek out a living in a harsh environment with little to no value to others. another to drink and whore himself into carnal happiness. another to return to a ship and sail on the ocean. another show the strength of order to the chaotic north. i could keep going, but i think you get the idea.

  • NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,848
    Enjoying aimless woodland strolls, followed by camping and BBQ.
    I already hang out in the woods, so this one was easy.

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