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What hobbies do you (or would you) like to practises in the Baldur's Gate Trilogy?

KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,839
Everyone of us knows that battling numberless enemies, rescuing Damsels in distress, raiding villages to the ground, ect. is quite demanding for both mind and body. But what can we do to replenish the much needed energy for future questing? What changes of scenery does the game offer (or not offer) for us to rest our tired bodies but to still enjoy ourselves?

There are a couple of freetime activities within the games for us and our characters to chill, enjoy some much needed recreation, and forget for a moment the whole Bhaaly thingy going on in Faerûn.

Me? My favourite hobby in the games probably is taking strolls, enjoying the scenery and camp for no particular reason at all. That may be time consuming, but it's still satisfying and refreshing. :)

What hobbies do you (or would you) like to practises in the Baldur's Gate Trilogy? 57 votes

Watching a good (or not so good) play at the Five Flagons Inn.
FinneousPJbooinyoureyesmeaglothjackjackEffiny 5 votes
Gambling your life out at the nearest Casino.
KidCarnivalEadwyn_G8keeper 2 votes
Getting real drunk at your favourite Tavern.
elminsterFouneTheGraveDiggerTwani 4 votes
Enjoying aimless woodland strolls, followed by camping and BBQ.
CoriandergnaumieckjdbaldursKamigoroshiTuthPibaroDullSkullTheSecondArdulInvictusCobraNimranPoupipoupipouSaber83 12 votes
Reading periodically all the books in your possession.
TingelSethDavisartificial_sunlightJalilyDJKajuruNoondstoltzfusCrevsDaakBlastbackFrondtadancerMayirahc 12 votes
Going out hunting and hope to not get hunted in return.
FlashburnKarashi 2 votes
Watching the "special entertainment" at the Copper Coronet.
LeonMeanbunny 2 votes
Seeking out the aid of Madam Nin.
Fredjosmady3AlexisisinneedAbi_DalzimFleshIsADesignFlaw 5 votes
There are other activities I'd like to do, but none of them are implemented in the games.
AnduinjamoecwJuliusBorisovButtercheeseSouthpawTressetJLeekaguanalolienElrandirdunbar 11 votes
Me and/or my characters have no hobbies.
ryuken87Spungi 2 votes


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