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Anoman Knighthood Test bug

ArthuarnArthuarn Member Posts: 4
edited August 2014 in Not An Issue
Think I've just encountered a new bug with Anoman's quest chain / the Radiant Heart.

In my current playthrough I've just exited the underdark and returned to Athkatla, immediately having a conversation with an NPC who instructed Anoman to return to the temple for his test (and I know I completed the preceding parts of his quest chain the GOOD way).
However when I enter the Radiant Heart, the game appears to start a cutscene, but it just fades to black and I find my party in a bugged version of the Radiant Heart (without Anoman having gone through his test). The bugged Radiant Heart appears to be the new version of the map (Dorns wedding massacre) overlayed with the NPC's and intractable objects on the original map, i.e. I see one version of the map but everything I can interact with is for the other version, e.g I have no problem getting Paladins to come and help kill Bodei (using the console command still returns me to this bugged map as well).

UPDATE: I've loaded the save into the original BG2 game, and it loads fine and upon entering the Radiant Heart Anomans test plays out completely & successfully - so defiantly an EE issue not a corrupted save or similar

any suggestions .. ?

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