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Wow, so many dual class options!

I never realized how customizable so many of the BGI NPCs are! There are 6 NPCs you can legally dual-class in this game!

Dynaheir, with her 17 INT and 15 WIS can become and Invoker > Cleric with 2 WIS tomes.

Imoen, with her 18 DEX and 17 INT can become a Thief > Mage.

Branwen, with her 16 WIS and 16 DEX can become a Cleric > Thief with the DEX tome.

Safana, with her 17 DEX and 16 INT can become a Thief > Mage with the INT tome.

Shar-Teel, with her 18/58 STR and 17 DEX can become a Fighter > Thief.

Xzar, with his 16 DEX, 17 INT and 16 WIS can become a Necromancer > Cleric with the WIS tome, or a Necromancer > Thief with the DEX tome. That's versatility!

Now, I know most of these tomes can't be found very early on, so you're kind of limited with the timing of everything. A quick journey to Durlag's Tower will enable Xzar to become a Necromancer > Cleric if you wish though, and both Imoen and Shar-Teel don't need tomes.

I always thought BGI had so many possibilities with all of those NPCs out there, but now I see even more possibilities with the fun tool of dual-classing!


  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    You per-empted me, @bengoshi, with that! XD
    As soon as I read the OP title, I felt the urge to post a MEME like that, but then I saw yours... ;P
  • HeadbombHeadbomb Member Posts: 213
    To be honest, I don't get dual/multiclassing in 2nd ed, so I never bothered with it ever. Too many stats restrictions, race restrictions, penalties, losing abilities, etc... The only character I ever had dual classed was Imoen in BG2, but that's mostly because she's already dual/multiclassed. Maybe one day I'll stumble upon a guide explaining how the hell it works, but in the meantime, everyone stays pureclass for me.
  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,811
    Now that the update is done I was thinking of starting a new play through dualing Branwen and using the spirit weapons clerics get for backstabbing. It is a shame the game doesn't let you backstab with a hammer to make her unique ability awesome.
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