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pickpocketing drizzt not possible anymore?



  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 1,499
    @SomeSort I personally don't pickpocket stores though I can understand those that do. I pickpocket Algernon and several characters at Ulgoth's Beard. I used to pickpocket Drizzt but don't any more since I cannot pickpocket the weapons.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 2,434

    SomeSort said:

    (I also houserule that I don't stack more than one potion of master thievery at a time, which prevents you from buying 4 potions, chugging them, then going on a pickpocket spree through an entire town at once. It makes it more important to invest in a high base pickpocket level.)

    I have never used multiple potions of potion of master thievery at a time. It doesn't seem right. However I have no problem with using a potion of master thievery and a potion of perception. (Also a potion of dexterity if required but it usually isn't) I would also have no problem with combing that with a luck spell though I usually don't.

    Agreed, it did seem a bit 'OFF'. I decided to go with the RR option that changes the rules and DOESN'T let one stack thieving potions, just to make sure I did not. I then saw how nuch I had been using that stacking that is taked about. It took a little adjusting to, I will admit, but made me appreciate developing a good pickpocket or an expert in ANY of the skills more. I sometimes develop a couple NPC thieves now, and go back n forth to having them in the party, depending on what is needed.

  • the_sexteinthe_sextein Member Posts: 486
    Felt like sharing my experience here, even though it doesn't really matter. I have played this game since it was released back in the day. I never bothered killing drizzt. As an evil character you would not be able to utilize his weapons and as a good character I couldn't justify killing a known hero of the sword coast for his weapons.

    The other day, after all of these years, I thought to myself " why don't I just pick pocket his swords?" So I started a game with the idea of dual wielding scimitars and then I find this thread. Well I guess that's that. Kinda slow on that one I guess. In a way I am glad I never did it because then I would get upset if the dev's took it away after I got used to playing with them. So I guess it all worked out in the end.

  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 574
    I have never killed nor pick-pocketed Drizzt either @the_sextein much for the same reasons, even after all these years.

  • ZaghoulZaghoul Member, Moderator Posts: 2,434
    Aerakar said:

    I have never killed nor pick-pocketed Drizzt either @the_sextein much for the same reasons, even after all these years.

    @Aerakar Hmmm, I wonder how many folks have ignored alignment and stole the swords or just plain shanked ol Drizzt. Bet it has been ALOT. I need to have background n alignment just right for something like that. That's the role player coming out in us I suppose.

  • fatelessfateless Member Posts: 330
    I would occasionally fight him. Usually as a test of skill. Which often meant leaving him for last and actually fighting him and not just cheesing him down. but not in all my games. Every once in a while i'd have an evil character or the like kill him for RP reasons but that was more rare.

  • KuronaKurona Member Posts: 782
    RP is irrelevant in light of the necessity of Drizzt-killing.

    He must die. He must suffer. He must be exterminated over and over again until my anger takes physical form to cast Salvatore's books in holy fire and cause him to take go-go dancing on supermarket parking lots to make ends meet.

    Then my wrath will abate until another fictional character tempts it.


  • fatelessfateless Member Posts: 330
    edited April 2017
    I can understand Kurona's sentiment. That is why I did have a period of time when I would cheat command kill Drizzt and just leave his gear and his body to disappear (I don't often mention it because people get upset at me).

    I do have a lot of hate for many people's need to recreate Drizzt. He was everywhere for a while. Specially around the time these games were coming out. So badly that he's not even heavily displayed in 5e material but I still run into people trying to recreate him basically 2 decades later "for cool factor" Even though there is no longer anything original or cool about him.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 5,267
    Imitators do not detract from the original cool factor. It just makes the imitators look bad.

  • fatelessfateless Member Posts: 330
    No he's lost much of his cool factor really because he's not special anymore. Even he hasn't been able to avoid the editing table as the pnp game has evolved. Not to mention other things have popped up like Tieflings and then Aasimar.

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