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Well this was surprising

I'm a very confused, and very surprised by this development. I honestly thought you guys were going to work towards a BG3, or downloadable player content for BG1 and 2. I'm curious as to where this company is headed. As of right now I'm going to be honest in saying that I am very hesitant of ordering this game, as I am not sure as where the company is headed as a whole.

Did they deliver on their promises? Perhaps, perhaps not, but at the same time I would think that they wouldn't actually announce a new game until they fully patched bg2... of course I think it was smart of them to at least wait until the patch for BG1 was released... I think that would have just flared an entire outraged group of people on this forum... but I suppose I digress.

All in all I suppose I would just like a simple answer. Does this mean patches and player content have been pushed back for BG1 and 2, or does this simply mean that there will be more on the horizon? I'll be honest, I've never played the IWD games, so this isn't as exciting for me as it could be, I'm just hoping that this doesn't mean we're going to miss out on new NPCs or quests or such.



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