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Different paper dolls/avatars for each warrior class?

This is not a request or anything (from what I understand this is almost impossible to do given the restrictions and the artwork missing) just random musing and wishful thinking

Sup fools!

I was thinking about this. I get kinda bored that there I only one look (avatar/paper doll... not sure of the right term, heard both) for a ranger, paladin, fighter and barbarian. Also bards look like thieves.

I always imagine a ranger as having a distinct look, much like this guy from Icewind Dale image or this awesome Enhanced Edition portrait image

In other words, they usually have a hood and clothing that will allow them to be easily concealed ("blend in") with their "beat" (as in cop beat... like where they usually chill as rangers). Like Valygar has some cool armor that seems perfect for patrolling a city as a stalker (Urban Ranger) while Kivan also has a hood and wears the colors of the forest. Of course Minsc is the exception, but he is not exactly your typical ranger.
When I play a ranger (particularly an elven/half-elven one) I plan on switching to the "thief" paper doll through EE Keeper. It just feels better.

Similarly I always felt like Barbarians would also have a more unique look. I have made my opinion on barbarian vs berserker pretty clear (I think barbarian is a cultural thing, berserker is just an angry warrior, and I wish there was more of a distinction in game-terms). I wish you could have a paper-doll like the ones that Hrothgar's clan wear. I mean, those are already in the game!. I'm sure it might still be difficult to use them (maybe @Jalily‌ can help answer this. ) because of armor and weapon animations, but it would still be AWESOME if you could use that. I know for my first playthrough of IWD:EE I will use EEKeeper to make my barbarian look like that if I can.

Paladins are maybe a little less distinct, though I usually imagine them in heavy plate mail. I don't really have many ideas on what to do with them.

What would be TRULY awesome is if any of the paper dolls from both Baldur's Gate EEs were available options in IWD (again, maybe @Jalily‌ can answer? Sorry to bother you and take your time with a silly question, but I have really been dying to know!). I would totally want to use a Shadow Thief doll for my rogue character.



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