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Was I just a victim of malpractice by this physical therapist?

LateralusLateralus Member Posts: 903
So about an hour ago this PT guy (Mike) may have messed up my elbow, which I had no prior problems with it and had nothing to do with my accident or script.

A few weeks ago I was hit from behind while stopped at a red light. Back is messed up a little but what really worries me is my right hand; it feels like it is asleep sometimes or holding a hot or cold beverage when I am not. I did not injure my right arm at all, or ever for that matter.

So I have been getting PT as per my workman's comp doctors instructions for a couple weeks and everything is normal, the results are pretty good. Until today, he takes my right arm while I am laying on my back and says something like, "I am going to try something new, and it's going to feel a little weird, sometimes when you injure the elbow it can cause nerve pain..." I said, "That's my good elbow, I don't remember ever hurting it.". He's like, "If you allow me to I'd like to try and see if this helps." So I'm like, "..whatever..". Then he really bends my elbow the wrong way twice, like really hard. I said, "I didn't like that, at all." And he's all, "feels weird, right?".

Now, I'm not in any serious pain from that, but it just happened two hours ago. There is a little bit of a pop sound in my elbow that I don't recall having before and it's a little tender to the touch. Why the hell was he messing with the elbow when I did not hurt it AT ALL and it's not at all on the script? Was that malpractice? What should I do if this gets worse?

When I got home I called my comp rep and told her I want to change PTs and so I did, and she cancelled my apts with Mike for next week and set me up with a new one.


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