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IWD NPC v5 for IWD:EE is now available!

kulyokkulyok Member Posts: 33
I've finally uploaded the mod on the official site: , and the mod now features correct, IWD:EE-sized portraits.

The readme should have all the necessary information:

But let me tell you what to expect, just in case:

- five companions, three male, two female;
- alternate classes available to pick a more balanced party(check the readme);
- two male and two female romances for human, elven and half-elven protagonists;
- lots of banter in every area, including interparty banter and dialogues with the protagonist;
- player-initiated dialogue(and plenty of it for romance interests - 15 extra conversations for each romance interest, if I remember correctly);
- interjections in IWD, HoW and TotL;
- I recommend to visit HoW after Chapter 3 or Chapter 4, but feel free to pick your own pace.




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