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Solo Sorcerer and how to heal an imp?

So I was a bit bored waiting to progress in my multiplayer game so I thought I'd try a solo sorcerer run on insane. Anyone try this? Spell pick suggestions?

Just stepped into Vale of Shadows with:
1st: Shield, Color Spray, Burning Hands, Chromatic Orb
2nd: Melfs Acid Arrow, Invisibility

Being a Dragon Disciple has been pretty crucial to be able to take a hit without always dying and the Breath Weapon is pretty intense.

I just summoned an Imp familiar as I figured it would be helpful to try some polymorph shenanigans but he's badly injured and I can't think of any way to heal him except resting over and over. Sword Spider form is pretty epic though at this level.


  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,686
  • athanasathanas Member Posts: 27
    I am bit confused...
    lunar said:

    6th lvl:Disintegrate destroys enemies. Leaves loot behind. Works on almost any enemy.

    As far as I read (and so far so I remember from playing the game - but I was mostly avoiding picking this spell because of fear from losing the loot) spell Disintegrate will destroys any loot. Am I wrong?
    Could anyone, please, shed light on it? Thanks!

  • saoxsaox Member Posts: 91
    How do you defeat the final boss who is totally invulnarable to magic ?

  • PteranPteran Member Posts: 388
    Well, you DO have a staff/sling/dart for a reason ;)

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 14,291
    You may have to resort to kiting with a Minute Meteors to deal with Belhifet, and you may have to use Wish resting to last long enough. Note that Project Image clones can cast Wish for you, saving spell slots, and that Spell Immunity:Abjuration will protect you from his Remove Magic spell on the first round. I don't know if that will block the Dispel Magic traps, though.

    You can also use Iron Golem form from Shapechange, preferably hasted (an Oil of Speed will do). Iron Golem form does 4d10+12 damage and strikes once per round without haste; Minute Meteors hit 5 times per round for 1d4+3 damage (the extra 3 fire damage won't work against Belhifet). Emotion: Hope, Emotion: Courage, and Tenser's Transformation will make the meteors stronger.

    If you attack during Time Stop, you hit automatically. Otherwise you'd be hard-pressed to hit Belhifet reliably unless you're using Tenser's Transformation. Note that Tenser's prevents you from shapeshifting, so you can't combine the two unless you activate Tenser's while already shapeshifted using a contingency or Spell Trigger.

    Collect Elixirs of Health for the fight; Belhifet inflicts stackable disease or poison (50% chance each) that deals 1 damage per round permanently without save, bypassing magic resistance, and an Elixir of Health can cure both of those conditions. Protection from Magical Weapons can block his attacks outright, but only lasts 4 rounds.

    You could also use summoning spells against Belhifet, but most would be unable to harm him. Cacofiend, Summon Fiend, and Gate should be able to hit him (don't forget to shield yourself with Protection from Evil beforehand). I think summoned elementals can also hit him.

    Whatever you choose, bear in mind that Belhifet is in fact immune to ALL spells, and can only be damaged by +3 weapons and higher.

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