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You pick my team!!! Bg1

Hi community

I really enjoy the disfunctional mottly lot of weirdos. Ergo the weirdly un power gamed npcs of bg1.

I'm playing on android so no mods :(. However, I play on hardcore all the way. I want the community to choose my five team mates in the run... Anyone is fair game but don't give me any of the power houses (Edwin...) as I'm trying to step away from those. So any character you liked but never got any love!

Limited to one npc per person so 5 people will help me build my "dream" team! Please explain your choice in the post.

If anyone has any other challenges then your welcome to throw the gauntlet down, but I'd rather not do a no reloads no ress run.

I shall endeavour to describe my adventures the best I can!!!

Lots of love
The real Pentagon...



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,006
    pentagon said:

    Lots of love
    The real Pentagon...

    Big Brother is watching the forum now!

    Hello and welcome, we're always glad to meet a new friend!

    One of your party members can be Rasaad. Try him for his quest, try him for his dialogues, make a lass and try him for some lovetalk. Monks are called underpowered for BG1 and this is nearly true. But they're a fresh class to play and thus require you to think how to use them.

    For Monk strategies I recommend excellent guides and by @Southpaw‌ and @GamingFreak‌ respectively. They will help you with Rasaad.

  • wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156
    Because monks are really squishy in bg1 so you'll have to babysit him all the way!
    *insert evil laugh here*

  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287
    Welcome to the forums @pentagon ! I pick Xzar if you're going for an evil party. He's one of the first companions you can get, and his dialog and battle sounds are a lot of fun. He's paired with Montaron, but there are ways around that.

    If you're going the good guy route I'd go with Xan (sticking with X theme). His depressed personality is actually quite amusing, and his spell selection requires you to be more creative with your casting than some of the other mages.

  • MusignyMusigny Member Posts: 1,027
    I follow your rule but the underlying idea is to play with the alternative team of good guys - Ajantis, Yeslick, Kivan and two thieves (choosing between Alora / Coran / Imoen).

  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
  • pentagonpentagon Member Posts: 8
    Hi guys

    My plan is to play a madman chaotic neutral character with high charisma who can keep my team of opposing alignments together without noticing that they hate each other!!

    So I have: rashaad (monk), xzar (Mage) and kivan (ranger)

    Two more to join my team of nutters!

  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
  • MetallomanMetalloman Member, Moderator, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,975
    Safana? It looks like you need a thief, unless your CHARNAME already is a thief...

  • MusignyMusigny Member Posts: 1,027
    pentagon said:

    Final slot open... Can I have a female for the last one I don't like sausage fests!

    Or maybe two of them.
    Xzar looks so great with that belt...

  • wubblewubble Member Posts: 3,156
    edited December 2014
    you need a healer.
    Branwen?, oh wait she's pretty much a man anyway.
    I'd go with jaheira then (and kill khalid :cry: ) though you'll have to ensure that she doesn't take over the group from you what with her being a bossy control freak

  • pentagonpentagon Member Posts: 8
    Okay... So I have taken this opportunity to play my favourite class the humble Mage/cleric multi class. Either gnome or half elf. I plan to export to bg2 and do the same there so I might have to go helf for the potential 25wisdom!

    I don't know if I need to mark spoilers in the challenge thread surely it's fairly obvious but hey I'll mark it if it's needed.

    As a challenge to myself I will be not using any online resources once I've started the play through (you'll have to take my word... I've got a pretty good knowledge of the game but I'm sure I'll forget where some key items are!!!)

    Melissa: Mage/cleric "to throw out command, horror and generally all the crowd control in the game!"

    Kivan "will be forgetting his ranged weapon as he's the closest thing I have to a tank *cry* he had 2hander proficiencies as started if I remember correctly"

    Safana "I'll want her to use her as a crossbow of speed so will need to get her at lvl 2 so can allocate her lvl 4 pip"

    Xzar General magical death with more spells than he has hp

    Garrick and monk not sure what to do with yet!

    Watch this space

  • Jaheiras_WitnessJaheiras_Witness Member Posts: 614
    On the other hand, his tank is a kitten and he has no second line. If Kivan dies (which will be frequently with his lack of HP bonus from CON) and opponents get in amongst the rest of the group, he doesn't have a single character that can melee.

  • pentagonpentagon Member Posts: 8
    edited December 2014
    *spare post needs deleting*

    Post edited by pentagon on
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,006
    pentagon said:

    UPDATE: I've updated the last post so not to double post. But I don't want people to not think i've posted if they look at no. of posts not changing. I'll delete this post once someone else has posted

    Don't be afraid - your story won't be missed. There're plenty of people who like to read about playthroughs here:) The whole thing seems to be entertaing!

    You can advertise your playthrough here - to get more attention to your thread!

  • pentagonpentagon Member Posts: 8

    *Equipped Garrick with the gloves of dexterity – with 18 dex he is at least pretty dangerous with the crossbow that he’s ‘proficient’ in…

    Went to fight Bacillus – I don’t know if it’s the choice I chose in the dialogue but the skeletons didn’t attack. Kivan ‘tanked’ with his halberd, whilst Safana threw darts at Bacillus’s insane head. Mel threw out a few commands but the mighty priest was entitled to a saving throw being 5HD or more… so resisted them with ease. He got one rigid mind of on Safana so she stood there like a lemon… In the meantime Garrick shot him with crossbow bolts, Kivan got a healthy halberd crit and the priest went down. Mel looted the Hammer +2, and off they went to cash in the holy symbol for 5k. Using this and other gold scraped together (Looted Ankheg Cave with sanctuary to steal loot and run!) I bought the crossbow of speed for Garrick turning him into a premium crossbow on legs!

    At this point Kivan was moaning about how he needed to avenge his wife or something. So I rushed through Nashkel mines, resting once. Safana disabled the traps like a pro. I tried to avoid any unnecessary fights as I didn’t want to have to expend healing / rests as I had a certain amount of days to do the bandit camp. Eventually getting down I faced Mulahay. Kivan drank a potion of invincibility and bottlenecked Mulahays chamber holding off well everything. I should have been using Chromatic Orb, but hey I like magic missile and Mel was still lvl 2 so no 2nd bead. So yeah… disrupting Mulahay was a pain, but through lots of darts, single orbs of magic and the monks blows to the head I kept him disrupted long enough to beat him to a pulp in time to rescue Kivan. Looting the letters off I went to kill Tranzig.

    Tranzig actually ended up being harder than both the Cyric Priests, its that damn ring of the princes I tell you! But eventually beat him to a bloody pulp and off to Peldvale I was. Having met the noble bandits, I tried to join their band only to discover I didn’t have the bloodthirsty option! Presumably you need x strength or be a warrior class or somesuch! So I ended up being taken prisoner and having to fight Tazoc. I’m sure you have to do a lot less damage if you’ve joined voluntarily before he walks off.

    Once in the bandit camp, I tried to fight them once before realising I was severely outclassed having done none of the side quests that I’d normally do. So I walked through the camp without aggroing any. Mel then cast Sanctuary and quaffed a potion of absorption (been hit by the lightning bolt trap WAY too many times!) wandered through the leaders camp and nicked the scrolls needed to unlock Cloakwood Forest.

    I didn’t want to pursue into Cloakwood, cos A my team was still level 2 and B. I wasn’t sure that the bandits of the bandit camp would leave if I moved onto the next chapter, and I’d hoped to kill the Mercenary Captain later for his tasty plate armour… Not that I have anyone who can really wear it!

    Now that Kivan had stopped moaning I hunted down the hobgoblins with the stealth boosting boots for Safana and made my way to the Gnoll HQ again. Slaughtering my way around the surrounding maps until I found a named Gnoll who dropped a +2 Halberd which limited my attacks to 1. Odd, I didn’t remember that dropping, but Kivan eagerly put it to dangerous use, chopping his way through the Gnoll HQ proper.

    Picked up the Tome of Leadership which Mel used for no real benefit but hey TEN WHOLE CHARISMA NOW! I was a bit disappointed with the Gnoll Hq fights, even with my puny level 2 party. Generally, Mel dropped a horror, on the tougher fights Xzar expended a charge from the wand of fireballs (from the Ankheg lair) and Kivan and Safana bottlenecked the path chopping down the attackers, whilst Garrick sniped with his crossbow of speed. Killed the Gnoll Chieftain who dropped like 28 gold and a vanilla halberd. Not going to lie I was a tiny bit disappointed.

    Went off to kill the Sirenes for 2k exp a go at the lighthouse. These were mostly dealable with, Safana + Darts, Mages Magic Missiling and Garricks crossbow usually disrupted them, but I did have to use Mel to hold person my own team a few times after they got dominated.

    Stopped by High Hedge to buy scrolls, bought all the scrolls in stock that I could afford (when in Baldurs gate and I get the Int tome, I can have unlimited spells in my spell book so I’ll come back and complete the set. I love going into SoA with a spellbook full of every spell imaginable!)

    Went off to fight the basilisks, used the spell learned from high hedge to protect monk and Kivan… Off they went merrily slaughtering giant bags of XP. Safana backstabbed Mutamin then kept him down with some darts of wounding. Whilst Kivan and Monk (I really should look up his name!) tanked the greater basilisk.

    Current position:


    Level 4 Cleric / Level 4 Mage

    Equipped: Robe of Fire Resistance, The Eyes of Truth, Medium Shield +1, Ashidenna, Ring of Holiness, Evermemory, Senses of the Cat, Wand of Fireball (6 charges).

    Xzarena: Level 5 Necromancer

    Equipped: Wand of paralysation (1 charge), Robe of electricity resistance, Girdle of masculinity/femininity.

    Kivan: Level 5 ranger

    Equipped: Full plate mail, Ring of the Princes, The Chesley Crusher +2, Gift of peace, longbow

    Garrick: Level 6 bard

    Equipped: Spiders Bane, The army scythe +1, mail of the dead +2, the brawling hands, wand of frost (12 charges), topsider’s crutch.

    Safana: Level 6 Thief

    Equipped: Shadow Armour +3, legacy of the masters, worn whispers, rashads talon +2, potion of invisibility.

    Rasaad: Level 5 monk

    Equipped: Bracers of Defense AC 7, Moonlight Walkers, ring of the princes

    *now done spiders area of cloak wood and killed bandits properly* fluff to follow

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,640
    edited December 2014
    @pentagon, great playthrough, I look forward to reading more.

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