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Report BGII:EE Game Text Errors Here

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
This is the place for reporting textual errors in dialogues, journal entries, and descriptions. These include the following:
- spelling and grammar mistakes
- factual mistakes in the text itself (not generated by the program—see below)
- spoilers: dialogue and journal entries that unintentionally tell your character things they're not meant to know yet
- missing tokens or blatant assumptions that the PC is a certain race, gender, class...
- inconsistent wording for the same dialogue option or in descriptions for the same (type of) thing

Problems that do not fall under game text errors and which you should make a separate bug report for:
- stat calculation errors
- invalid string references
- problems with the (Not) Usable By header
- wrongly assigned (as opposed to misspelled) tooltips
- journal entry problems that are not typos

Please provide the exact quote and/or StrRef containing the problem. To see StrRefs, either place the following in Baldur.ini:
'Program Options',	'Strref On',	'1',
or type C:StrrefOn() in the console.

We will fix errors as they are reported; all text revisions will be incorporated with the game's next update.



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