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New Masterwork Armour! [Big Table Included]

WithinAmnesiaWithinAmnesia Member Posts: 921
edited January 2015 in BG:EE Mods
I have developed well, 'this table':
Details: [-I was inspired from Icewind Dale's uncommon "Fine" and even rarer "Finest" Qualities of 'Default Weapons'.]
I wanted more depth within the system of the items awarded to the player and more immersion into the game world. I want more instead of just having say 'Splintmail' and 'Platemail' throughout the beginning and mostly the middle of the adventure. I wanted say finding, Splintmail x1 in Candlekeep ["My old toes.."] and maybe Battered Platemail x2 and Fine Splintmail x1 in the Friendly Arm Inn, then maybe you can plunder ancient Masterwork Splintmail from Firewine Ruins and maybe find a Fine Platemail Armour Suit on a 'recently deceased' hot-headed 'would-be-assassin' noble from Amn, or Baldur's gate maybe even Cormyr ["I've got the best prices this side of Cormyr.."].

What do you, inquisitive and talkative adventurer say to this suggestion and or proposition?
(Also: ' { } ' Denotes Baldur's Gate: [/] Tales of the Sword Coast Specific Value Modifications [From my Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd. Edition Source Material: (Accuracy?)].)
[Also: I have more 'rules' that I have developed in making this and other item quality tables ('currently' 'un-shown') if anyone is interested.. ya or na?]
(Mini-Update: I plan to include New BAM files [Item Inventory Icons] for the new Item Quality Variants that are based on the original 'Default Variant(s)' plus new Icons for 'Fine' and 'Masterwork' Items crafted into +1 or '+1 Special' evolutions respectively [Maybe Just the 'New +1' BAMs would be for Items that don't have generic +1 Item Dialog / Text (e.g. Platemail +1)].)

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