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Which BG2EE mods for a first time modder?

SBOG4215SBOG4215 Member Posts: 8
Hey guys,

Long time BG2 fan here. I've played through the game countless times start to finish, but never with mods. I feel like I'm due for another run, and I've been eyeing the BG2 compatible list for some time now!

I'm really hoping to relive the story and memories of the original, but with new content to keep it fresh. I'm OK with any mod (NPCs, new kits, kit re-balancing, banter, tweaks, item packs, whatever) so long as it:
1) Blends smoothly into the vanilla content
2) Enhances the experience (or difficulty if in a "this is how it should be" way; SCS seems a good choice here)
3) Is balanced (exp, gold, and items!!). This last one is really important to me.

Any suggestions for entire mods (or specific components) is welcome and much appreciated! =)



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