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Cult of Eyeless quest - bug?

Can someone please advise me here? It's my first BG2 (EE) playthrough and it looks like Eyeless Cult quest is not starting properly for me. When I enter Temple District, Gaal preaches to the crowd but after that nothing happens. I only have "Cult of the Eyeless?" entry in my journal and that's it. No NPC approaches me after Gaal's speech so the quest isn't started.

Additional info:
My PC is Lawful Good, not a cleric.
In the sewers I can't exit to the NW compound (that is expected without the quest).
I have found Kheldorn and picked him up.

I have tried 2 times from a fresh start - result is the same.

As for mods - I have The Baldur's Gate II Tweak Pack v16 installed and that's it.

What might be the problem? Is it a bug? Can it be worked around somehow?



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