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Cult of Eyeless quest - bug?

Can someone please advise me here? It's my first BG2 (EE) playthrough and it looks like Eyeless Cult quest is not starting properly for me. When I enter Temple District, Gaal preaches to the crowd but after that nothing happens. I only have "Cult of the Eyeless?" entry in my journal and that's it. No NPC approaches me after Gaal's speech so the quest isn't started.

Additional info:
My PC is Lawful Good, not a cleric.
In the sewers I can't exit to the NW compound (that is expected without the quest).
I have found Kheldorn and picked him up.

I have tried 2 times from a fresh start - result is the same.

As for mods - I have The Baldur's Gate II Tweak Pack v16 installed and that's it.

What might be the problem? Is it a bug? Can it be worked around somehow?



  • MusignyMusigny Member Posts: 1,017
    Have you been sent on mission by the priests of Helm ?

  • NoobaccaNoobacca Member Posts: 139
    Try going into the temple of Helm and speaking with the priests in there. That should trigger the quest.

  • baal80baal80 Member Posts: 7
    No, I haven't been sent on a mission and I've already tried talking to everyone to no avail.

    I wish there was a way to advance quest phases like it's possible in Skyrim console, for example. Bugged quests are infuriating in RPGs...

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,658
    High Watcher Oisig Should appear shortly after the speech and tell you to go to helm's temple. I would try looking for him to see if you missed him and if that fails try spawning him with the console by entering the following (case sensitive):
    Note that for this method to work properly you will have to spawn him in area ar0900, which is the outdoors area of the temple district.

  • baal80baal80 Member Posts: 7
    Tresset said:

    High Watcher Oisig Should appear shortly after the speech and tell you to go to helm's temple. I would try looking for him to see if you missed him and if that fails try spawning him with the console by entering the following (case sensitive):

    Note that for this method to work properly you will have to spawn him in area ar0900, which is the outdoors area of the temple district.
    It worked and he spawned. I got the quest, then followed him to the Temple of Helm. Unfortunately, when I try to speak with him in the Temple, he only says "Never betray trust. Such is the will of the Vigilant One"...
    Lathlaer said:

    How did you get Keldorn if you didn't take the quest from the priest? To my knowledge, he appears (killing a zombie) only after you agree to investigate the cult.

    You tell me... He was in the sewers without me accepting the quest!

  • baal80baal80 Member Posts: 7
    OK, I fixed it with help of post.

    It seems this issue is caused by the fixpack. So if you experience the same issue and your PC is good aligned, you need to:
    - spawn High Mornmaster Arval with C:CreateCreature("bharval")
    - go to Temple of Lathander and continue the quest as normal

    Thanks for the help Tresset!

  • baal80baal80 Member Posts: 7

    Update: I successfully finished the quest (man, those Beholders were TOUGH, but I managed to do it on my own without reading any spoilers - feels great!) and I encountered no more issues. After exiting to the Temple district, I strolled to the Temple of Lathander to grab my well-deserved reward from Arval :)

  • King_NothingKing_Nothing Member Posts: 26
    got the same problem, but i play evil. What is the command to create the priest from talos?

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,658
    @King_Nothing I am not sure since I do not use this mod but I am assuming this is the correct person to spawn with the console.

  • by_the_swordby_the_sword Member Posts: 42
    Is the priest of Talos supposed to give the Cult Of The Eyeless quest to evil characters? I am currently playing a Lawful Evil Blackguard and recieved the quest from Oisig in the Temple Of Helm.

    My reputation was 11 (average) at the time.

  • King_NothingKing_Nothing Member Posts: 26
    Thanks for the help tresset. The code made the questgiver spawn and order me to follow him to the temple, which also update the quest log. when i try to speak to him at the temple he just says: bow before talos, or something like that. I guess i just uinstall that part of the tweak pack

  • NomphosumusNomphosumus Member Posts: 14
    As note of interest... neutral cleric temple quest giver also triggers for evil clerics (and I guess good clerics as well) if you are a dual class. In my case my char is a lawfull evil human first lvl of warrior and then dual classed the rest of lvls to cleric. But I got the fighter stronghold later.

  • GorlondGorlond Member Posts: 1
    I experienced the issue also but on IOS version, so no console...
    I had a chaotic neutral priest of helm when it happened. Talking to the guys in the temple of helm wouldn't start the quest.
    But luckily I found a workaround. This is to dual class the character. Once I did that I was offered the quest, yeah (I dual classed to thief, which is quite lame actually).
    Maybe changing alignment could work too, but I'm not sure this is possible in BG2.

  • strannikstrannik Member Posts: 6
    I had the same problem. My PC is lawful good priest. Then I came to the temple of Lathander I couldn`t get the Cult of Eyeless quest - priest was absent. Problem arose after completed the Dorns quest (first of them). Then I comleted the first Dorns quest without wedding guests killing and got the Cult of Eyeless quest.
    But now I have another problem. I`ve got the second Dorns quest - to slay the Helm paladin Terpfen. But in Temple of Helm priest Telwin disappeared. Is it a bug? And can I solve this problem?

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,716
    @strannik When you heard Gaal's speech, which priest spawned to talk to you and offer the quest?

  • strannikstrannik Member Posts: 6
    After Gaal`s speech priest was in temple and offered the quest, but after compliting the first Dorn quest (I kill few guests) priest disappeared. I completed Dorns quest onсe more (without killing) - prist didn`t disappear.
    The second situation. Terpfen is in Temple. When we go to him start dialogue with Dorn - to kill him or to speak with him. After that we teleported to Terpfen but he disappeared.
    Is it a problem fo further Dorn`s presence in party?

  • Oswald81Oswald81 Member Posts: 53
    Yeah, sometimes you have to be a bit patient for stuff to happen in this game. I faced that one myself first time around. A small oddity of 2.3+ editions of this game. Man was it odd to walk inside the Temple of Helm and realizing I had not done his "This must not come to pass." speech. Normally that happens right away and I just clicked through the content not too interested.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,179
    @strannik Please, can you report this issue at with a save attached. It's been one of those issues which are tricky to repro.

  • strannikstrannik Member Posts: 6
    Ok. At first problem (conflict betwen Dorn`s and Priest quest) I`ll make a report with saves, the second problem is solved after Underdark. I could enter to the Hall of the Radiant Heart (before Underdark guard didn`t let me) and Terpfen in Helm Temle stop disappearing and opened the map for Dorns quest.

  • SalemSalem Member Posts: 2
    Well after a long time of debugging i came to the conclusion that the problem is caused by the cdtweaks(tweak anthology) **multi-stronghold** component in both the original and enhanced edition.
    So turning it off(Uninstall) should make it work...........and once the mission is done it can be turned back on.

  • KFinnKFinn Member Posts: 7
    I have a similar bug with a Lawful Evil fighter/cleric that was approachd by High Watcher Osig instead of Stormherald Nallabir. I had not even been to Nalia's Keep yet so I didn't have that stronghold. I do not have the multi-stronghold mod and I don't think I have the tweaks mod. I have BG2fixpack (though I don't see the actual run file in the folder...)

    I went through and played for a while eventually getting Nalia' Keep, but later remembered that was the fighter stronghold so loaded an older game from a few days ago. This saved game Gaal is not there. High Watcher Osig talks to me to initiate the quest. The Stormlord says Talos has no need of you right now.

    My global parameter says Gaal = 1

  • KFinnKFinn Member Posts: 7
    I just uninstalled the BG2fixpack and loaded an even older saved game before I even went to the temple district. Upon entering Gaal had his speech, again Osig showed up to ask for me to help.

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