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Well met, strangers! (Also opinions needed) =)

Ser_ElrykSer_Elryk Member Posts: 72
edited February 2015 in New Members Welcome Area

Greetings! So for a brief intro, I'll just say upfront that I'm a noob. I've only played BG1 up until the Bandit Camp, and I've never played anything outside of the starting areas of BG2 and IWD. That being said, I'm already in love with these games and want to play through them very much. However, my OCD has caused me to have a dilemma, and I would very much appreciate some opinions on the matter =)

Okay. So I have both Classic BG1&2 and BG1&2:EE via (amazing site). I have also toyed around with BWS. For anyone who doesn't already know: BWS stands for "Big World Setup", and is an amazing tool (imo) for installing mods into IE games, including BG1&2:EE. As I'm sure most players are aware; there are a lot (like A LOT) of mods for the Baldur's Gate games, especially for Classic BG1&2, and with more and more becoming EE compatible every day.

So for my first real, solid playthrough, I'm conflicted over what kind of setup I should use. I've seen that Classic BG1&2 have several mod expansions that I'd be interested in playing. Dark Side of the Sword Coast, Northern Tales of the Sword Coast, Secret of Bone Hill, Check the Bodies, Never Ending Journey, Shadows over Soubar, and Tortured Souls all caught my eye, as well as countless other various mods. But I'm not sure if I should just go all out or not for my first playthrough. I REALLY like the idea of playing with the Baldur's Gate Trilogy mod (and/or the EET mod one day), and I've heard many times that the mod "Ascension" for TOB is considered essential.

Needless to say, such endless possibilities coupled with gamer OCD can make the whole affair seem quite daunting and intimidating, lol. Any thoughts, opinions, or suggestions on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. I'm very much looking forward to becoming part of the community and getting into all sorts of nerdtastic discussions with kindred spirits!



  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,610
    I wonder if you have considered enabling your cheat console and then giving yourself a bag of holding (“bag31”) to help with inventory space? I’m not sure that Pack Mule mod is compatible?

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