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Sorcerer or Dragon Disciple?



  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,138
    Dragon Disciple
    I was going to write here...until I realized I was just repeating myself from last year. So I'll do it anyways :D 

    Honestly the first time I played through IWDEE while alpha testing I used a dragon disciple. Between Glitterdust and Slow it was pretty overpowered (closer to the mid - end of the game Glitterdust wasn't as reliable but it still is devastating for anyone it does work on). So I would just play whichever one you want thematically for your party.
  • SteelratSteelrat Member Posts: 1
    So, when playing in a party, I would choose Sorcerer. However, when doing solo, a DD is much more fun. Tried in both BG games, and doing now IWD with a solo DD. Needed a thief till he could steal the Necklace of Missiles in Kuldahar for me, but fired him right afterwards. It is so much fun now! Fire, walk with me! ;-)
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 1,823
    Dragon Disciple
    You could do what I do. Do powergamers like it? If so, ignore it. Powergaming is boring and overrated.
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