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What alternative base classes would be coolest to see in a D&D Infinity Engine game?



  • simplessimples Member Posts: 540

    I voted Psionicist, but really, I think the Artificer might be easier to implement.

    there's already a psionicist class mod, but i've never tried it, so i don't know if it's implemented properly

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  • PantalionPantalion Member Posts: 2,137
    You know what, on consideration, I want a NWN2 edition Bard.

    NWN2 did Bards right.

    Inspirations - Toggled buffs that work without disabling the Bard's own attacking or spellcasting (and indeed, it buffed the bard too). They got seven of them and could switch whenever they spent a round doing so.

    Inspire Courage (1st level): Increased Hit and combat Damage.
    Inspire Competence (2nd level): Bonuses to all skills.
    Inspire Defense (5th level): Improved Armor Class.
    Inspire Regeneration (7th level): Heal wounds over time.
    Inspire Toughness (8th level): Improved Saving Throws.
    Inspire Slowing (11th level): Enemies save or slowed,
    Inspire Jarring (14th level): Enemies save or spell casting interrupted.

    Songs - Bards get 1 use per level as effectively a special innate that lasted ten rounds, and can pick from:

    Countersong: Target gets MR based on the Bard's level for one spell.
    Fascinate: Nearby enemies are mesmerised , preventing them from taking actions. - Only useable once every ten rounds.
    Haven Song (3rd level): Causes enemies to avoid attacking you (but not your allies).
    Curse Song (4th level): Enemies suffer penalties to hit, damage, saves and even take small amounts of damage at higher levels.
    Cloud Mind (6th level): A harder to resist, single target version of Fascinate.
    Ironskin Chant (9th level): Grants the party physical damage reduction.
    Song of Freedom (12th level): Ends enchantments and curses on allies.
    Song of Heroism (15th level): Improves party's AC and saving throws.
    Legionnaire's March (18th level): All party members get the same THAC0 as your strongest fighter and +4 to damage.

    Spells - Bards can cast in light armour, and get a range of damaging sonic, enchantment, charm, illusion, buff and healing spells which they can cast and select as a sorcerer.

    The NWN2 bard was the ultimate leader character, empowering and healing their party while fighting right up there alongside them, with all the skills they needed to bring the best out of both their team and theirselves.
  • VallmyrVallmyr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 2,455
    Having recently played NWN2's OC and MotB I LOOOOVEEE the Bard. Favorite class.
  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,349
    Never played one (only tried NVN2 once as a mage), but now I have to admit I feel compelled to play it. Thanks for the info @pantalion.
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