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Average Guy Playthrough Suggestions (Spoilers maybe?)

Hello everyone,

I've been a mix-maxer for too long, never settling for less than a 90 (or a 94 if I'm multi-classing), and playing a lot of power gamey or above average classes (kensai/mage, fighter/mage, ranger/cleric, etc.), and I want to try something fresh! I want to add a bit of challenge to my game by attempting a playthrough as one of the Realms' more mediocre Bhaalspawn, so I can better appreciate the journey from a lowly reader at Candlekeep to savior of the Realms. I also really want to give my companions an opportunity to shine, and to try out some classes and equipment that I don't typically touch. This will be a full trilogy run, not solo, and I won't be using SCSII.

So I'm asking you all for some suggestions on who I should create - class, weapon proficiencies, play styles and potential companions that would synchronize well.

A few caveats: I don't want to play a mage/sorcerer - I've played them plenty of times and there's plenty of awesome mage companions. I want to avoid using katanas, scimitars, long swords, and two-handed swords, considering 9/10 playthroughs fall under one of those categories. I'm leaning toward Single Weapon Style or possibly Sword and Shield because I've done dual wielding to death.

A few classes I specifically don't want to play (since I've played them before): Kensai, F/M, Inquisitor, Sorc, Mage, Ranger/Cleric, Stalker, Swashbuckler. Other than those I'm open to anything: single, multi, or dual class!

I'm also open to interesting character back stories/play styles because I'm somewhat of an RPer and like the limits those put on the game (though I RP pretty loosely - if I'm lawful good but still want to romance Viconia, I'll find some way to justify that in my character's personality).

I'll probably stick to human, elf, or half-elf so I can have my pick of romances, but I'm open to a convincing argument for trying out one of the shorties.

Thanks in advance!



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